Numéro de bogue NIM086420
Envoyé Nov 09, 2012
Modified Jun 11, 2020
Gravité High
S’applique à ArcGIS for Desktop
Version trouvée No Version Found
Langage de programmation N/D
Plateforme serveur Windows 7 64 Bit
Plateforme client Windows 7 64 Bit
Base de données N/D
Paramètre régional N/D
Statut New
Version corrigée
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Bogue NIM086420


After setting a definition query for any feature in v10.1 sp1 and if you need to go back in the definition properties to change the definition query, the only unique values that appear are the values from the first definition Query, leaving out the option to choose other values.

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Autre solution

1)Completely delete the existing DQ, apply it, and recreate it using the new desired values. But, depending on the complexity of the DQ, this can be very cumbersome.
2)Manually type in my edits into the DQ and apply.