Numéro de bogue ENH-000093268
Envoyé Dec 31, 2015
Modified Jul 25, 2018
Gravité Medium
S’applique à ArcGIS Online
Version trouvée 3.10
Langage de programmation N/D
Plateforme serveur
Plateforme client
Base de données N/D
Paramètre régional N/D
Statut Implemented
Version corrigée 4.4
Résolu par le fournisseur

Bogue ENH-000093268


ArcGIS Online Web Scene Viewer returns an error with item ID but not item name when the feature service is removed from the organization content.

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Autre solution

-What is the industry?

 Public sector

-What is the users workflow and use case?

1. feature services in a web scene were deleted from organization content

2. user opened web scene and see the error message: layers cannot be added. Item does not exist or is inaccessible

3. there is no specific feature service name in the error message. [enhancement] is not useful for user to see the deleted item ID. User cannot trace back to which service was removed.


-What is the problem feature is trying to solve?

Showing deleted feature service name in web scene error message will let user know which feature services are removed from organization content. Web Map shows the message with the deleted service name to notify user which service is not available.


-What is the benefits or changes that would result from the enhancement?

 Enhance the productivity of user's workflow with Web Scene.


-How critical is the enhancement to your organization?

 It is necessary for staff transection with My Content in ArcGIS Online.


-How do you believe this enhancement may benefit other organizations?  

 This feature will enhance the productivity of orther organizations' workflow with Web Scene.