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Numéro de bogue BUG-000115487
Envoyé Jul 19, 2018
Modified Sep 28, 2022
Gravité High
S’applique à ArcGIS Online
Version trouvée 6.4
Langage de programmation N/D
Plateforme serveur N/A N/A
Plateforme client N/A N/A
Base de données N/D
Paramètre régional N/D
Statut Non-Reproducible
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Bogue BUG-000115487


Upgrading some ArcGIS Online trials to full subscription results in the hosted feature services being unable to be queried and sometimes prevents the organization from utilizing any analysis services.

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This issue is fixed. Please report any incidents of this issue to Technical Support. Technical Support is able to resolve this issue on a case-by-case basis until the bug is fully resolved.

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