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Numéro de bogue BUG-000140416
Envoyé Jun 02, 2021
Modified Mar 30, 2022
Gravité Medium
S’applique à ArcObjects SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework
Version trouvée 10.8.1
Langage de programmation N/D
Plateforme serveur Windows OS 10.0 64 Bit
Plateforme client Windows OS 10.0 64 Bit
Base de données N/D
Paramètre régional N/D
Statut Unknown Text - Bugs/Fixed
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Version corrigée 10.8.2
Résolu par le fournisseur N/A

Bogue BUG-000140416


The ISurfaceOp.Visibility() method ignores the OFFSETB value in ArcObjects SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework 10.6.1 and newer releases.

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Autre solution

Set the AvolidDataConverstion property to true on the IRasterAnalysisGlobalEnvironment interface to allow the ArcObjects SDK 10.x Spatial Analyst execution path to be used. Insert the following 2 lines right before the Visibility method is called.

IRasterAnalysisGlobalEnvironment globalEnv = (IRasterAnalysisGlobalEnvironment)sop;

globalEnv.AvoidDataConversion = true;