Numéro de bogue BUG-000098836
Envoyé Aug 24, 2016
Modified Jun 20, 2019
Gravité Medium
S’applique à ArcGIS Online
Version trouvée 4.2
Langage de programmation N/D
Plateforme serveur Windows 10.0
Plateforme client Windows 10.0
Base de données N/D
Paramètre régional N/D
Statut Not in Current Product Plan
Version corrigée
Résolu par le fournisseur

Bogue BUG-000098836


The 'maximize' button is visible on the image even though the option, 'Include a maximize button in the corner of the image', is disabled after moving the image in the edit section of a Story Map Journal application.

Informations supplémentaires

This behavior is reproducible, but it is a low-priority issue for several reasons. Moving images is not a frequent task, and there is an easy workaround, which is to add the image again in the new location rather than moving it.

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