Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.3.1 Patch 6 (Desktop | Server)


This patch is obsolete. All updates to Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.3.1 for (Desktop and Server) have been incorporated into Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.3.1 Patch 7.



We recommend Mapping and Charting Solutions customers with the following solutions download and install this patch to ensure the highest quality experience.

  • ArcGIS for Aviation
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting
  • Esri Defense Mapping
  • Esri Production Mapping

Notes This patch is cumulative of all previously released Patches and Hot Fixes for Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.3.1.


  1. Login with a Windows Administrator account.

  2. Select and download the Mapping and Charting file.
  3. 10.3.1 Patch 6   Checksum (Md5)
    Desktop MappingandCharting1031Patch6.msp 95ff224897266743dc5a1573a6a63b55
    Server MappingandChartingServer1031Patch6.msp 375b01cb30f7732fa208c9bc11736802
  4. Double-click the msp file to start the install process.

  5. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

Enhancements and Issues Addressed with this Patch

    ArcGIS for Aviation
  • TFS88985 Update the ATSRoute Bearing and Distance calculator to use the Vincenty algorithm to determine the true track value.
  • TFS88486 Annotation Features with Null MapID created when working in multiuser environment and multiple users are creating Annotation on the same feature class
  • TFS87856 ChangeReporter need to use intersect option when finding mapid for changes
  • TFS88704 Line Bypass not working
  • TFS87245 DataExchange Readme file content update
  • TFS88147 SUA Line tool output does not match input geometry
  • TFS88128 Changeover Point tool should calculate from start point of route not current segment
  • TFS88566 Update the field logic for AGIS data
  • TFS86079 ATSRouteLevel table not loaded
  • TFS88366 Aixm45 Update message fixes for ADHP
  • TFS88367 Aixm45 Update message fixes for Taxiway
  • TFS86314 Aixm45 Update message fixes for Airspace
  • TFS87292 AIXM 4.5 Import arc geometry has offset start/end points
  • TFS88311 AIXM Update failed to retrive exisiting NavaidComponent with clientkey
  • TFS88355 Feature Creation - SurfacCharacteristic added record without adding ADHPSurfaceArea record
  • TFS85968 DAFIF-Heliport- All mapping fields transferred with null value

  • ArcGIS for Maritime:Charting
  • TFS88378 Exporter should place features in a specific order in S-57 file.
  • TFS88371 Exported cell EDTN number not matching EDTN in PL Metadata after New Dataset Export.
  • BUG-000096343 NIS_PRODUCTS filter is being ignored when a conflated feature falls within an M_CSCL.
  • BUG-000096340 Sample export to S-57 file corrupts the next edited feature class when working on a FGDB.
  • TFS88387 Changes in order in FFPT and SG3D is resulting in unnecessary 'noise' in ERs.

  • Esri Defense Mapping
    Desktop and Server
  • TFS86267 Updated MTM Layer Files for the MTM_DPS_v1.0 specification.
  • TFS87987 Updated MTM products for the MTM_DPS_v1.0 specification
  • BUG-000096060 AK150 Ski Jump subtype within LandmrkP - Blue072 needs to be labeled according to document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096058 AL030 Cemetery subtype within LandmrkP - NotBlue072 needs to be labeled according to document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • TFS88095 Updated Visual Specification for MTM products.
  • TFS88096 Updated MTM Map Template Layer Files for the MTM_DPS_v1.0 specification.
  • TFS88097 Updated MTM Map Template Layout for the MTM_DPS_v01 specification.
  • TFS88098 Added MTM elements to the Elements Database.
  • TFS88099 Updated Adjoining Sheet Labels on MTM map templates.
  • TFS88103 Updated Map Index Database with field for Adjoining Sheet Labels.
  • BUG-000096430 Labels for BuildP - NotBlue072 with FFN = Grain Milling (107), Sawmilling (161), Petroleum Refining (192), and Firefighting (845) need to be revised per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096433 For LandmrkP - NotBlue072 - AK160 Stadium, FUN should not be labeled per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096435 For MiscP - NotBlue072 - BI041 Water Gate should not be labeled per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096436 For LockP - BI040 Sluice Gate should not be labeled per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096438 For MiscaeroP - Blue072 - AQ110 Mooring Mast, the label 'Mooring Mast' should be labeled 'Mooring mast' per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096443 Page 86 of the MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411 document, Section 1 Overview lists features or geometries from TRD4 that shall not be portrayed.
  • BUG-000096452 For UtilP - NotBlue072, feature should not be labeled per document MTM_DPS_V1.0_20160411.
  • BUG-000096463 Label errors for line and area features for MTM 50 product.
  • BUG-000096672 OHB value in the SQL statement for BridgeL (MGCP_100K) within the MGCP_TRD_4_3_MTM_Visual_Specification.mdb needs to be updated.
  • TFS87798 Support Oracle from new EPM environment.
  • TFS86271 Create Rapid Graphic saves the output MXD with Set Relative Paths enabled.
  • TFS85961 Defense Make Grids and Graticules gp tool returns 000585: Warning occurred during execution. when run from standalone python script.
  • TFS88246 Add new MTM Server Style for the MTM_DPS_v01 specification.
  • TFS88400 Extract and Clip is not removing all lines and polygons outside AOI.
  • TFS88402 Split Features tool not properly splitting features.
  • TFS88595 Create Spot Heights tool is not properly attributing ZVH field with a custom AOI.
  • TFS88407 Performance enhancements for the Validate Spots tool.
  • TFS88413 Create Rapid Graphic saves the output MXD with Set Relative Paths enabled.
  • TFS88417 Create Spot Heights tool not working with mosaic dataset.
  • TFS88404 Meter Reference Guide (MRG) does not display correct Dual Grid coordinates.
  • TFS88298 Updated Create Rapid Graphic tool to use new MTM_Production_PDF.xml for MTM50 & MTM100 Product Types .
  • TFS87744 TDS_6_1_TM_Visual_Specification has error in Industry Surfaces for 100K.
  • TFS88094 Added new MTM Style for the MTM_DPS_v01 specification.
  • TFS88107 Added new MTM export files for the MTM_DPS_v01 specification.
  • TFS86417 Added Create Bands from Raster Tool.

  • Desktop
  • TFS88272 Geodatabase to Shape tool is NOT exporting UID values.
  • TFS88522 Added Extract AOI model to Defense Mapping toolbox.
  • TFS88139 CONNECTION_DIR field length too short in JTX_QUEUE table.
  • TFS88192 System table names are too long for use in Oracle.
  • TFS88205 Create Database Connection step does not overwrite the previously created connection file.
  • TFS88206 Add branch in Establish Operational Schema workflow to support oracle databases.
  • TFS88207 Add step to set job's operational schema property to the schema of the connection.
  • TFS88208 Add step to branch the workflow based on database type.
  • TFS88209 Update Select Database Role script tool to support oracle.
  • TFS88211 Update the Set Operational Schema script tool to allow the data owner role to be optional.
  • TFS88228 Add branch in Establish Geodatabase Replica workflow to support oracle databases.
  • TFS88229 Update Set New Replica Name script tool to use the target database name and target schema in the default replica name.
  • TFS88230 Add production property to track target schema for replication.
  • TFS88232 Update create one way replica steps to use new tgt schema production property.
  • TFS88234 Update the create job - establish geodatabase replica step to use tgt schema.
  • TFS81794 Create steps that allow workflows to manage job data after job completion.
  • TFS88406 Split Features memory leak fixed.
  • TFS88414 Create Spot Heights GP tool crashes ArcMap when running on a selected contour in a personal geodatabase.
  • TFS88401 Property Configuration dialog will not close with Ok or Cancel when data has been loaded.
  • TFS86418 Import Topology ICommand in ArcCatalog throws "Unspecified error" and fails to complete.

  • Server
  • TFS86241 Updated the Defense Mapping Server Styles.
  • TFS87978 Associate grids with operations in Production Manager application.
  • TFS85308 Updated Convert Labels to Annotation to work on server.
  • TFS85733 Updated Add Representation fields tool to work on server.
  • TFS85952 Add Server Styles to Server install .
  • TFS86427 Updated Calculate Bridge Overrides tool to work on server.

  • Esri Production Mapping
    Desktop and Server
  • TFS88563 Data Reviewer: Geometry on Geometry check is not returning correct results with Changed Features Only option in Run Reviewer Batch Job step for ArcGIS Workflow Manager.
  • TFS88134 Data Reviewer: Batch job processing error encountered when executing Geometry on Geometry check with Contains and Within spatial relationships and Merge option enabled.

  • Desktop
  • TFS88133 Data Reviewer: ArcMap crashes when executing Valency check with flow direction set to "Out" and comparison rules defined.
  • BUG-000092615 Data Reviewer: Polygon Grid Wizard generates error when using geographic coordinate system option for creating a grid.
  • TFS88131 Data Reviewer: Unhandled exception encountered when browsing by parts using Browse Features dialog.
  • TFS88132 Data Reviewer: Batch job containing Composite check loses resource information when inserted into another batch job using Batch Job Manager tool.
  • NIM093934 Node Renderer will not render dangles for a layer when the coordinate system of the data frame changed.
  • TFS84085 Band values created with insufficient data are not correctly merged.
  • TFS88455 Bands from raster may crash ArcMap if the area of interest is over water.
  • TFS88456 VST does not calculate all rules if source fields are out of sequence.
  • TFS86174 VST may fail to calc reps on server.
  • TFS87144 GTE sourced to SDE may crash ArcMap.
  • TFS88065 GTE does not display coded value description when joins are present.
  • TFS83951 VPF To Geodatabase: Topological relationship between area features is not being maintained.
  • TFS86515 VPF To Geodatabase: Ecrtext notes.rat information is not being imported.
  • TFS86649 VPF To Geodatabase: Input VPF Features parameter should allow user to import VPF Coverage feature dataset.
  • TFS86824 VPF To Geodatabase: Implementation of this Tool's Validate is invalid error is encountered when the In_Product parameter is set to NULL in the python window.
  • TFS86835 VPF To Geodatabase: Invalid Pointer error is encountered when the In Target Geodatabase paramater is not a valid geodatabase.
  • TFS86870 VPF To Geodatabase: needs to correctly populate annotationID and status fields for Ecrtext.
  • TFS87248 VPF To Geodatabase: needs to work in an edit session.
  • TFS88720 Create Replica: TypeError: CreateReplica() takes at most 11 arguments in the Python window when 12 arguments are valid.
  • TFS86650 Generalization: Extend Polygon Sides: Error message for Minimum_Length and Minimum_Width parameters should be identical when the value entered is not positive.

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Getting Help

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