ColdFusion MX Site Starters (for use with the Java Connector)


The ArcIMS Site Starters for ColdFusion MX (using the Java Connector) are a set of ColdFusion GIS applications that can be tailored to your datasets.


Each Site Starter application addresses a specific business function (e.g. database search, buffer analysis) and presents the user with an intuitive, step-by-step path to generating maps and reports. The Site Starter clients are lightweight and graphically adaptable, offering a variety of presentation styles from which you can choose.

The ZIP/TAR dowload file contains documentation on how to set up and use the site starter applications. The supporting files and data are also included.

This document is as-is and is unsupported. For help or technical assistance, please visit the ColdFusion Connector Discussion Forum in the ArcIMS User Forums.

ColdFusion MX is required.

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