ArcView 3D Analyst 1.0a Patch (PC and Unix)


This patch resolves a number of issues for ArcView 3D Analyst 1.0 users.


This patch addresses the following issues for 3D Analyst 1.0 users.

  • Resolves several issues that caused errors.
  • Improves results when using Thiessen polygon functions via Avenue.
  • Improves TIN functionality.
  • Multipatch improvements.
  • Transparency improvements.

See the 3D Analyst readme file for more information about 3D Analyst 1.0a for ArcView 3.2 or higher. You must already have 3D Analyst 1.0 installed to install the patch.

Installation Instructions for Unix

  1. Download the compressed tar file.
  2. Copy the file into your existing arcview3 directory.
    % cp filename.tar.Z $AVHOME
  3. Uncompress the .Z file.
    % uncompress filename.tar.Z
  4. Untar the TAR file in your current arcview3 directory. This ensures the existing files are updated.
    % tar –xvf filename.tar
  5. Open and read the 3dreadme file for more information about the ArcView GIS 3D Analyst 1.0a Patch. The file is located in the $AVHOME/avdocs directory.

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