ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10 Service Pack 5 Patch 2


This patch contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes. Please download and install this patch at your earliest convenience.



In addtion to the issues listed below, this Patch includes the fixes from ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10 Service Pack 5 Patch1.

Issues Addressed with this Patch

  • NIM086538 Individual Check : The Compare Attributes option within the Geometry on Geometry check does not allow ObjectID fields to be compared with numeric fields.
  • NIM087037 Run Individual Check : Data Reviewer Check ‘Polygon Overlap/Gap is Sliver Check’ does not find gap between three polygons, producing error message 'No records were returned by the check'.

  • Installation Steps:

      1. ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10 Service Pack 5 Patch 2 requires ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10 Service Pack 5.

      2. Make sure you have write access to the installation location, and that no one is accessing it.

      3. Select and download the file:

        ArcGIS Data Reviewer
        5 MB
      4. Double-click the .msp to start the install process.

      5. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

    How to identify which Service Packs and Patches are installed

    To find out what ArcGIS products are currently installed on your machine, download the PatchFinder utility and run it from your local machine.

    Service Pack and Patch Updates

    Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

    Getting Help

    Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this patch. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.