PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Defense Solution Service Pack 3


This Service Pack is obsolete. It has been replaced with a more recent PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Defense Solution Service Pack.



We recommend that customers download and install this Service Pack at their earliest convenience. This service pack upgrades PLTS for ArcGIS Defense to version This service pack includes all fixes addressed with previous PLTS 9.2 Defense service packs and patches.

Note: You must install PLTS for ArcGIS 9.2 Foundation Service Pack 5 before installing this service pack.

Issues Addressed with this Service Pack

19410 Need property pages for Defense Utility Tools (Bridge Tool)...
24341 For Cemetery - Unknown for QC Style change symbol to 482 (ERROR Invalid attribute combination)
24342 PLTS Populate Angle does not take into account data frame rotation
24345 Can Add Populated Layers add feature classes to the ArcMap TOC using the alias name
24359 MGCP Import Metadata needs message box when completed
24360 MGCP Export Metadata needs a notification when finished
24433 Exception on selecting features when Hidden Tools are on Toolbar and Edit Session OFF
24522 Update Documentation for MGCP Building Facility Types
24655 PLTS Make Bridge tool should be enhanced to work with other Defense products
24656 Adding bridges to road features topic needs to be updated
24793 Simple Building tool to create buildings based on Area criteria
24794 Polygon to Point Tool Needs to calculate Area and Length attributes
24795 MGCP Data Model change Default value for NFI NFN
24796 MGCP Knowledgebase—CNTs need to be updated
24819 Calc Metrics Tool needs to populate Length and widths of irregular features
24822 MGCP Knowledgebase needs a CNT added for NAM NFI and NFN
25210 PLTS GDB Builder ignores ObjectClassAlias name
25602 SDSFIE Blank to Null Tool not inserting NULL
25624 IFieldEdit.DomainFixed Property needs to be set to false for feature classes that are not subtyped
25641 PLTS Add Populated Layers Tool missing
25658 GeoFidelis CIP KB Batch Job Creation
25659 GeoFidelis Map Template Creation
25888 CFCATR metadata item needs to be used in xml
25889 SUBREGION ID needs to be formatted correctly
25890 SFCATR need to allow input from Attribute
26009 Import Geonames tool needs to support shapefiles
26181 Polygon to point: The point feature being created is not using the correct subtype
26206 Excel spreadsheet should allow the user to input the tolerances in one or more columns in the Datasets tab
26834 GDB to MGCP shapefile export tool needs to ignore metadata feature classes
26890 MGCP Metadata needs to have Catalog spelled Catalogue
28428 GDB to MGCP shape file needs to have checkbox for descriptions added
28466 If NFN is populated with a unique number the Updates NAM of selected features with Geonames will not update
28467 Add populated layers crashes ArcMap
28513 Geometry Reporter Exception
28771 Polygon to Point not preserving Z values
28802 Populate AOO tool needs to close open edit operations
28968 JOGA help doc page refers to ICM
29131 Make Bridge Tool needs to populate AOO, if present...
29363 Change Features word in Add populated Data Msg box Text to Feature
29660 For CNT (NAM < > 'UNK' AND NFI = 'N_A' AND NFN = 'N_A') a new ERROR_NUM and error description need to be created
29661 PLTS Calc metrics needs notification when finished
29667 Populate AOO needs to work with rotated data frames
29780 Create Bridges does not updates the EXS Attribute
30078 PLTS Export SAC Data tool does not recognize SAC 2.0 model
30124 Update Sac product to 2.1
30429 SAC export to Shape needs to use new naming convention
30878 GeoBase KB table name length too long
31069 Populate Default Values tool is slow

Files Installed with this service pack

o New ESRI.PLTS.Defense.SDEExportImport.exe
o New FFD_GDB_to_Operational_GDB.mdb
o New GIDI_GeoNames_Logic.htm
o New
o New MGCP_General_KnowledgeBase_TRD2.mdb
o New MGCP_general_TRD20_GBD_to_MGCP_general_TRD20_GDB.mdb
o New MGCP_general_TRD20_SHP_to_MGCP_general_TRD20_GDB.mdb
o New MGCP_General_WDB_TRD2_0.xls
o New
o New pltsDefenseDesktopCOM.dll
o New PLTSGeoNames_Template92.mdb
o New PLTSGeoNames_Template92.xml
o New
o New
o New UTP_GDB_to_Urban_GDB.mdb
o New vitd_GDB_to_tactical_GDB.mdb
o Replace csPLTSDefenseSolution.HLP
o Replace DefenseFramework.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.Core.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.Desktop.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.Geobase.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.Geonames.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.MGCP.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.PLTSDefenseGDBBuilder.exe
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.Serialization.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.StereoAirfieldCollection.dll
o Replace ESRI.PLTS.Defense.UI.dll
o Replace GIFD_D4_GDB_to_Tactical_GDB.mdb
o Replace image_city_map_production_procedures.chm
o Replace image_city_map_production_procedures.lif
o Replace MGCP_data_dictionary.chm
o Replace MGCP_data_dictionary.lif
o Replace MGCP_General_Topology_GD.xml
o Replace MGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB_to_MGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB.mdb
o Replace MGCP_General_TRD1_1_SHP_to_MGCP_General_TRD1_1_GDB.mdb
o Replace Operational.xml
o Replace Operational_Topology_GD.xml
o Replace plts_defense_solution.chm
o Replace plts_defense_solution.lif
o Replace PLTSDefRegAsm.bat
o Replace ResDefenseFramework.dll
o Replace Strategic.xml
o Replace Strategic_Topology_GD.xml
o Replace Tactical_Data_Dictionary.chm
o Replace Tactical_Data_Dictionary.lif
o Replace Tactical_GDB_To_GIFD_D4_GDB.mdb
o Replace Tactical_KnowledgeBase.mdb
o Replace Tactical_Topology_GD.xml
o Replace TGD_Operational.vsd
o Replace TGD_Strategic.vsd
o Replace TGD_Tactical.vsd
o Replace TGD_Urban.vsd
o Replace
o Replace
o Replace Urban_Data_Dictionary.chm
o Replace Urban_Data_Dictionary.lif
o Replace Urban_Topology_GD.xml
o Replace UVMap_GDB_To_Urban_GDB.mdb
o Replace
o Replace VMap1jog_GDB_To_VMap1jog_GDB.mdb
o Replace VMap1JOG_KnowledgeBase.mdb
o Replace Vmap2TLM_knowledgeBase.mdb

Installing the Service Pack

1. You must have administrator privileges and ensure that ArcMap is not currently open.

2. Copy the locally and unzip.

3. Navigate to and double-click the PLTSDefense92.exe then follow the installation wizard.

Service Pack and Patch Updates

Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional service packs and patches.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.


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