Número de error BUG-000113581
Enviado Apr 27, 2018
Modified Aug 20, 2020
Gravedad Medium
Relacionado con ArcGIS Online
Versión encontrada 6.1
Idioma del programa N/A
Plataforma del servidor
Plataforma cliente
Base de datos N/A
Regional N/A
Estado Implemented
Versión corregida 6.2
SP reparado

Error BUG-000113581


The Infographic widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online does not properly display data.

Información adicional


Solución alternativa

In-app workaround: Click the cog wheel in the top left of each widget and toggle one of the settings on/off. The bar chart appears. This however does not fix the issue for subsequent loads of the application. This is just a temporary solution.

Use the data in table format instead:
1. Publish the data as a table to ArcGIS Online.
2. Add the table as a layer- type extra data source under the Attributes area of configuration Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS GUI.
3. Configure the Infographic widget to use this data source instead of the hosted feature layers.