Número de error BUG-000100343
Enviado Oct 25, 2016
Modified Jan 24, 2021
Gravedad Medium
Relacionado con ArcGIS Online
Versión encontrada 4.3
Idioma del programa N/A
Plataforma del servidor N/A N/A
Plataforma cliente N/A N/A
Base de datos N/A
Regional N/A
Estado Implemented
Versión corregida 6.2
SP reparado N/A

Error BUG-000100343


Occasionally, users are not charged for feature service storage for an hour at a time.

Información adicional

Fixed in ArcGIS Online 6.2. As a result, customers may see a spike in their credits for storage between July 3 and 4 due to the reporting showing the correct number. Understanding Irregularities with Hourly Feature Storage Charges Related to Bug-000100343,

Solución alternativa