Número de error BUG-000095686
Enviado Apr 11, 2016
Modified Feb 19, 2019
Gravedad Medium
Relacionado con ArcGIS Maps for Office
Versión encontrada 4.0
Idioma del programa N/A
Plataforma del servidor
Plataforma cliente
Base de datos N/A
Regional N/A
Estado Implemented
Versión corregida 5.0
SP reparado N/A

Error BUG-000095686


Sharing a layer from Excel to ArcGIS Online that consists only of a ZIP Code field and a numeric field returns the following message, "Unable to share layer."

Información adicional


Solución alternativa

  1. Bring the data into a brand new Excel sheet.
  2. Add a new column with the name of the state associated with each county /census tract.
  3. Add the map to the Excel sheet.
  4. Choose the cell range and select the entire table including the state column.
  5. Select the correct location type.
  6. Click Add data.
  7. Choose "Do not aggregate areas".
  8. Select Add data. The service can be published to ArcGIS Online.