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S-57 Conversion Update

Published: February 11, 2000


If you use ARCS57, ENCREVISION or S57ARC, you'll need this software update.


All of the S-57 conversion commands (ARCS57, ENCREVISION, and S57ARC) now require you to have INFO files installed in the arcexe80/template/s57 directory. These files are missing from the release media for ArcInfo Workstation 8.0.1 for Windows NT-Intel and Compaq's Alpha NT.

To install the S-57 INFO files

  1. Create the <drive>:\<install_location>\arcexe80\template\s57 directory
  2. Download and unzip the file to <drive>:\<install_location>\arcexe80\template\s57\info
  3. You should now see these files listed in the info directory:
    Arc.dir Arc0000.dat Arc0000.nit Arc0001.dat Arc0001.nit Arc0002.dat Arc0002.nit Arc0003.dat Arc0003.nit 
  4. You can also check to make sure the proper files are there by changing directories to the s57 directory, entering Arc, and typing "DIR INFO". You should see this listing:
Arc: dir info  TYPE NAME                            INTERNAL NAME    NO. RECS LENGTH  EXTERNL----------------------------------------------------------------------------   DF  S57.AGEN                          ARC0000DAT         198      16   DF  S57.OBJL                          ARC0001DAT         181     110   DF  S57.ATTL                          ARC0002DAT         197     114   DF  S57.O2A                           ARC0003DAT        3362      10 Arc: 

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