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Patches and updates

MapObjects-Java 2.3 Update/QFE

Published: August 14, 2007


This QFE contains five replacement jar files for MapObjects--Java 2.3 (Build 1261.2060).


Platforms: Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, IBM-AIX, HP-UX.

Some of the issues addressed in this QFE:

* CQ00299099: Identify flash does not work.

* CQ00304223: ContentChooser occasionally throws exception when selecting SDE datasources.

* CQ00304670: Performing select operation through mouse drag in the attribute table causes application to hang.

* CQ00289079: AEJEE/JVP should open projects and add data should default in data directory.

* CQ00289080: Help Menu specifically for AEJEE.

* CQ00306922: FIND tool button does not enable correctly.

* CQ00307062: update JoView and Tutorial sample applications to use the file.

* CQ00306604: AEJEE may require a unique bundle or creator ID for school networks.

* CQ00306603: Usage of Find tool causes system to hang.

* CQ00303456: Creation of 'New' layout in JVP, removes ability to add layers to TOC/Layout.

* CQ00303458: After adding layers in the Layout TOC, creating a New Layout hangs JoViewPlus.

* CQ00306235: Sorting tables after selecting rows by dragging hangs.

* CQ00306923: MOJava Samples need to have clickable applications on MacOS.

Supporting Files

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