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Esri Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 3 - for 2010 Data

Published: May 24, 2012


Esri is pleased to announce the release of Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 3. This update contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes for those who have installed Business Analyst 10 with 2010 Data. This can be applied directly to the released Business Analyst 10 version ( or atop of any previous service packs or patches.


This update contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes for those who have installed Business Analyst 10 with 2010 Data, also known as Build The new version will be and can be installed atop Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 1 ( and Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 2 ( The fixes are cumulative, thus every fix in BA10SP1 and BA10SP2 is included in BA10SP3. Users can optionally install the full Business Analyst 10 2011 Data Update, doing so requires a full reinstall of the Business Analyst software and data. Installing BA10SP3 allows users to continue working with 2010 datasets.

    Installing this Patch on Windows

    Business Analyst 10 must be installed before you can install this Service Pack.

    You can install the service pack in one of two ways: either by automatic update, or by downloading the service pack install file locally.

    Important Notes:

    Note: Hotfix patches made available prior to the release of Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 3 are included in this update. It is no longer relevant to install these files individually.

    Note: If you are applying the Business Analyst service pack using the automatic update method and have ArcGIS Server installed on your machine you must first stop the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM) service. After applying the service pack you can restart the service. You can find this at Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Installing the msp file stops and restarts the SOM without user interaction.

    To Install the Business Analyst Service Pack using the Automatic Update feature

    1. You must have access to the Internet and have ArcMap and ArcCatalog closed.
    2. Proceed to Start > Programs > ArcGIS > Business Analyst > Check for Business Analyst Updates, and follow the on screen instructions.

    You can click the Help button on the Check for Business Analyst Updates dialog for detailed information about Business Analyst service packs.

    To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
    This is designed for users who are unable to access the update via the automatic update utility in Business Analyst due to local security protocols.

    1. You must have ArcMap and ArcCatalog closed.
    2. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location, and that no one is accessing it.
    3. Download BA10SP3.msp to a location other than the installation folder.
    4. Double-click the msp file to start the install process and follow the on screen instructions.
    5. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu select Preferences and then select the General tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #

    Issues Addressed with this Patch

      • CR73649 Custom Template Pattern (Demographic and Income) - include charts in reports
      • CQ134004 [10.0.3 Update] Huff Model wizard (Business Analyst) contains spelling error
      • CQ159558 [10.0.3 Update] Trade Area - Customer Derived Areas Error - "Assign by Closest Stores Location" GP function failed
      • CQ161310 [10.0.3 Update] CEX data incorrectly providing percents instead of averages (Online)
      • CQ161461 [10.0.3 Update] Particular custom BDS crashes ArcMAP
      • CQ169998 BA 10: Block Group attribute table is blank after installing and registering/activating data
      • CQ171486 [10.0.3 Update] BA 10 Bug: Assigning customers to nearest store results in an Unhandled Exception
      • CQ172506 [10.0.3 Update] Detailed Business Locations Report – Header Cutoff and Misspelling
      • CQ171550 [10.0.3 Update] Business Analyst 10 displays the wrong version number in the 10 PatchFinder.exe
      • CQ172715 [10.0.3 Update] Assign by Closest Store Location GP Tool - "Create New Store ID Field" option error
      • CQ172941 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Header Issue When Run For Continental US Standard Geographies Layer
      • CQ173002 [10.0.3 Update] Create Series of Maps – Error on XP - cannot access the file'values.ldb' because it is being used by another process
      • CQ175460 [10.0.3 Update] [METADATA] Certain records in the fields.xml file consumed by the BAO team seem to contain values for both "percentage" and "AvgBase" attributes
      • CQ175482 [10.0.3 Update] Spatial Overlay Crashes For Crime Data Custom BDS
      • CQ180433 [10.0.3 Update] Study Area - 'Can't rename item because it is being used by another process' Error Message
      • CQ187960 Empty "glfield" Attributes In hierarchy.xml
      • CQ189336 [10.0.3 Update] Remove DMA correspondence from BA Desktop
      • CQ190991 [10.0.3 Update] Find Optimal Store Location (Mean Center) does not produce consistent results when calculating the mean for numerous locations in Business Analyst
      • CQ195911 [10.0.3 Update] Newly Created Study Area Is Not Added to the Set Analysis Extent List
      • CQ196704 SP3: Use 7Zip Format for Upload/Download Functionality
      • CQ197220 [10.0.3 Update] Determine Trade Area Penetration – 'ERROR 080001: Externalcomponent has thrown an exception'
      • CQ197221 [10.0.3 Update] Add Business Listings Error - Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
      • CQ197535 [10.0.3 Update] Custom Reports: Report Title Is Not Used in the Reports
      • CQ197818 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Create single report file – ERROR 080001: The process cannot access the file 'join0.ldb'
      • CQ198142 [10.0.3 Update] Help – Three Bad Help Links – Using Evaluate Site, Data tab, Using Add Business Listings
      • CQ198237 [10.0.3 Update] Proximity Analysis Report does not correctly order the closest five locations based on a straight line distance
      • CQ200282 Localization - an exception is thrown when building drive time trade areas if non-English user interface is set in ArcGIS and time units are used
      • CQ203176 [10.0.3 Update] When creating online reports from Business Analyst Desktop, thereports are created for each part of the trade area instead of whole area
      • CQ204444 [10.0.3 Update] Reports - Stitch reports by trade area - ERROR 080001
      • CQ204460 [10.0.3 Update] Reports - Whole Layer option works incorrectly for simple rings (nondonut)
      • CQ204851 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Area Name Not Included In Header When Running Reports For Some Specific User Layers With Multiple Sites
      • CQ204928 The Upload Project tool does not accept SSL secured (https) Business Analyst Server web service URLs
      • CQ205745 [10.0.3 Update] Cannot use Benchmark report in a model
      • CQ206891 [10.0.3 Update] Installation – Uninstall Errors
      • CQ206971 [10.0.3 Update] Creating Performance Index for a custom BDS causes incorrect results
      • CQ207142 [10.0.3 Update] Creating performance indexes for specific BDS file yields incorrect results
      • CQ208143 Spatial Overlay returns zero value if two specific variables are selected
      • CQ208144 Calculating Total Population and Population Density takes 30 times longer than calculating Total Population alone
      • CQ208145 On custom BDS based on Tracts the value of population is calculated incorrectly if user selects to calculate both population and LANDAREA
      • CQ208146 Specific Custom BDS Layer calculates wrong value for Total Population when Land Area summarization is calculated along with Total Population
      • CQ208619 Drive Time Error Resulted From QFE Installation
      • CQ209086 [10.0.3 Update] Custom Data Setup - Back and Next Issue - Fields Cleared & Reselecting Changes Default Apportionment Method Settings
      • CQ209228 Wrong value for specific trade area on custom BDS
      • CQ211927 [10.0.3 Update] BA 10 SP Bug: Build Error encountered when creating both a trade area and report from a list of ZIPs whereby two of the zip codes do not exist
      • CQ212769 [10.0.3 Update] Reports: Demo and Income: Whole USA: Number diff between BA Server and BA Desktop Reports
      • CQ213635 [10.0.3 Update] Preferences – Segmentation Tab – Check On 'Do not use unclassified segment' By Default
      • CQ213780 [10.0.3 Update] Word 'County' Duplicated in County Labels Layer
      • CQ214722 Benchmark reports wizard throws exception
      • CQ216356 [10.0.3 Update] Dynamic Ring Analysis – CEX and MPI Fields Not Showing Up In 'Threshold field' Field List
      • CQ216545 [10.0.3 Update] Trade Area – Standard Geographies (Online Data) – Select from the geography tree – Search Error
      • CQ216604 [10.0.3 Update] Trade Area – Standard Geographies (Online Data) – Error Creating Local Report For Trade Area Created Online
      • CQ218485 [10.0.3 Update] Add link in Message Center for setting up online access
      • CQ218749 [10.0.3 Update] Allow for standard BDS based on FGDB feature classes in Build DemoCalc Index functionality
      • CQ220363 [10.0.3 Update] Append Data and Reports Showing Different Values For 2011 Data (Online Data)
      • CQ221198 [10.0.3 Update] Show Address Coder toolbar on the first run of BA under current user
      • CQ221503 FGDB Data: Append Data (Spatial Overlay) Crashes If Double (Floating Point) Field Selected And Output Dataset Type Is Shapefile
      • CQ221745 [10.0.3 Update] BA Setup Script Issue – 'Business Analyst Web.mxd' Does Not Show Up in the 'Recent Map Documents' List in the Message Center by Default as it Should
      • CQ222033 [10.0.3 Update] Target Marketing – Segmentation Study "Can't load report metadata" Error
      • CQ222259 [10.0.3 Update] Improve error message when online report is run for online Std Geo TA based on different dataset
      • CQ222497 [10.0.3 Update] Customer Derived Areas algorithm calculates distances incorrectly
      • CQ222703 [10.0.3 Update] Accessing 2011/2016 data from within Business Analyst results in ERROR 080001: Error message stack
      • CQ222748 [10.0.3 Update] Target Marketing – Create Geographic Profile Error – "ERROR 080001: Value does not fall within the expected range"
      • CQ222774 [10.0.3 Update] Message Center Comes Up In a Minute After ArcMap Starts
      • CQ223060 [10.0.3 Update] BA Message Center – Graphic For Video Feed Not Showing Up
      • CQ223281 [10.0.3 Update] Installation – BA Not Installed For All Users As It Should Be
      • CQ223459 [10.0.3 Update] Change DemoCalc Settings in Hierarchy.xml
      • CQ223773 [10.0.3 Update] Please add the ability to refresh projects in the Business Analyst Repository in ArcCatalog
      • CQ223781 [10.0.3 Update] Standard Demographic Layers Need Spatial Indexes
      • CQ224497 [10.0.3 Update] Preferences - BA US - Hide 'Use generalized geometry' Option Since Generalized Boundaries Will Not Be Included In Data Update
      • CQ224542 [10.0.3 Update] Custom Data Setup Error Clicking Next After Selecting Any Base Geography Layer
      • CQ224742 [10.0.3 Update] Average Drive Time Report Returns Zeros When Minutes Are Used as Distance Units
      • CQ225514 [10.0.3 Update] Property "HigherLevels" of RegionIDCalculation dataset config task should be optional
      • CQ225658 [10.0.3 Update] Study Area – DMA Error
      • CQ225834 [10.0.3 Update] Store Setup – Manage Existing Store Layers – Rename Error
      • CQ225946 [10.0.3 Update] Target Marketing Segmentation Analysis does not run if the output is in .xlsx (error)
      • CQ225993 [10.0.3 Update] DemographyDataDir registry values should be case-insensitive
      • CQ226293 [10.0.3 Update] Address Coder Toolbar Is Floating By Default – Change To Be Docked By Default
      • CQ226771 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Demographic and Income Profile Error 080001
      • CQ226772 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Standard Summary Reports Showing Up Under 'Custom' Category
      • CQ226775 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Incorrect Footers On Summary Reports
      • CQ226871 [10.0.3 Update] BA Message Center – New URL For Blog Feed
      • CQ226884 [10.0.3 Update] Standard Geographies – Error at ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.IFeature.get_OID
      • CQ227311 [10.0.3.Update] Field Visibility Showing Blank In Properties For Demographic Layers
      • CQ227461 [10 SP4] Custom Data Node in Upload Utility Should Only List SHP and LYR files in Shapefile
      • CQ227486 [10.0.3 Update] Color-Coded Maps and Smart Map Search: "Business Analyst 2011 Base Data" Category Is Duplicated in the Layers List
      • CQ227487 [10.0.3 Update] MPI Data Is Not Shown in Color-Coded Maps
      • CQ227552 [10 SP4] Unable to Upload/Download projects between BA Desktop and BA Server SP4
      • CQ227728 [10.0.3 Update] Update license agreement click-through for installation of 2011/2016 Data Update (see attachment)
      • CQ228205 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile Error 080001
      • CQ228219 [10.0.3 Update] CFGDB Feature Classes and BDS Referring CFGDB Feature Classes Should Not Be Checked for Spatial Index
      • CQ228353 [10.0.3 Update] Add Business Listings – Classic – Odd BALoadByLocation Window and Error
      • CQ228354 [10.0.3 Update] Add Business Listings – Classic – No Businesses Were Found For Search That Should Have Results
      • CQ228358 [10.0.3 Update] Shopping Centers Report Is Not Available to Run
      • CQ228359 [10.0.3 Update] Error When Running Business Reports for Standard Businesses Layer
      • CQ228650 [10.0.3 Update] 'Evaluate Site Records' Address Dialog Not Retaining Address Fields Correctly
      • CQ228693 [10.0.3 Update] Summarizations - Annual Rates Formula Issue
      • CQ228730 BA 10 The NAVTEQ ZIP Codes are too detailed to pass through BAO
      • CQ228866 [10.0.3 Update] When Licensed Data Is Used The Message Saying That Some Layers Are Not Licensed Misses Businesses Layer
      • CQ228968 [10.0.3 Update] Upload/download download empty project doesn't work
      • CQ228969 Upload/download Uploading custom BDSs doesn't work
      • CQ228971 [10.0.3 Update] Duplicated speed limits
      • CQ229017 [10.0.3 Update] Reports – Demographic and Income Profile Pie Chart Is Blacked Out
      • CQ229065 [10.0.3 Update] MSP: Reports – ERROR 080001 Object reference not set to an instance of an object" For "Age by Sex Profile"
      • CQ229133 [10.0.3 Update] MSP: Study Area – By State – From a map - Failed to build geometry by GP tool dissolve

      Getting Help

      Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this Service Pack. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

      Business Analyst 10 Service Pack 3 DVD
      A DVD of this Service Pack will soon be available for users who experience difficulties downloading the Service Pack from the web site. Simply fill out the Request a Service Pack DVD order form.

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