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CSW Clients Profiles for ArcIMS 9.2 CSW Connector URLS

Published: June 24, 2008


This patch updates the CSW Clients profiles for catalogs exposed via the ArcIMS 9.2 CSW Connector. The ArcIMS 9.2 Connector references the dc namespace as "", instead of "". This results in a parsing error with the CSW Clients when accessing CSW URLs exposed by the ArcIMS 9.2 Connector, unless this patch is applied.


The ArcIMS 9.2 CSW Connector adds a "www" to the dc or dct namespace in the CSW URL it creates for a catalog. Instead of referencing the actual dc namespace "", it creates a CSW service that references "". The CSW Clients cannot properly parse the returned responses from the 9.2 CSW Connector because of the different namespace, and so there are no results in the Find Services interface. This patch updates the CSW Profiles so the Find Services tools can parse CSW services created by the ArcIMS 9.2 CSW Connector.Please unzip the patch, and follow instructions in the "CSW_Profiles_ArcIMS_9.2_Patch_ReadMe.pdf".

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