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AXL2AXL Converter Utility for ArcIMS 4.0.1

Published: March 7, 2003


The purpose of the AXL2AXL Converter is to convert ArcXML v 1.0 map configuration files used with ArcIMS 3.0 to ArcXML v 1.1 map configuration files that can be used with ArcIMS 4.0.1. The converter also can be used to validate ArcXML v 1.1. files.


Note: If you created map configuration files using ArcIMS 3.1 or ArcIMS 4.0, you do not need to convert these files since they already are written in ArcXML v.1.1.

Please check the readme file in the download for additional information. Refer to axl2axl.pdf for detailed operating instructions.

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