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ArcIMS Service ACL Editor

Published: February 3, 2003


The ArcIMS Service ACL Editor is a standalone utility to administer the Access Control List (ACL) file for ArcIMS Services.


This utility is unsupported. The ArcIMS Service ACL Editor is a standalone utility to administer user access to ArcIMS Services. An Access Control List (ACL) allows ArcIMS sites to limit access to ArcIMS services. Currently, the ACL must be edited manually by opening the ACL file or connecting to a database and editing the database using SQL queries. This utility can be used for editing, modifying, and creating the ACL using the AclEditor User Interface. In order to use this utility, you should have the authentication functionlity set up with ArcIMS using either a database or file based ACL, and you should understand how authentication works with ArcIMS.

Please refer to the ACL Editor documentation included with the download file. After uncompressing the download file, open acl/index.html in any HTML Browser to view the documentation.

This utility is as-is and is unsupported. For help or technical assistance, please visit the Miscellaneous Discussion Forum in the ArcIMS User Forums.

Windows Download (ZIP file - 399kb)

UNIX and Linux Download (TAR file - 543kb)

Download ID:175

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