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ArcGIS Desktop 8.3 Raster Update

Published: August 18, 2003


This Update adds support for displaying JPEG2000 images, MrSID Generation 3 images, and DIGEST (ASRP/USRP) images.


ESRI® is pleased to announce the ArcGIS Desktop 8.3 Raster Update. This Update allows you the ability to display MrSID Generation 3 raster files, JPEG2000 raster files, and DIGEST (ASRP/USRP) raster files. ArcGIS 8.3 will continue to encode MrSID Generation 2 files, using its built-in encoder, after the new display-only ArcGIS 8.3 Raster Update has been installed.

This Update deals specifically with the issues listed below under Issues Addressed with this Update

Issues Addressed with this Update

  • CQ00185035 - Add support for recognizing the new MrSID Generation 3 image format in ArcGIS.
    CQ00137556 - Add support for recognizing the JPEG2000 image format in ArcGIS.
    CQ00211425 - Add support for recognizing the DIGEST (ASRP/USRP) image format in ArcGIS.

Files Installed in this Update

  • In the \raster\bin\ntx86 folder under the ArcGIS installation folder:

    • digestlib.dll

  • In the \raster\usr\lib\ntx86\RasterFormats folder under the ArcGIS installation folder:

    • jp2.dll

Installing this Update

Since this Update replaces several ArcGIS 8.3 files, ArcGIS 8.3 must be installed before you can install this Update.

  1. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation folder, and that no one is using ArcGIS.

  2. Download Raster-83-update.exe (2 MB) to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

  3. Double-click the setup file to start the install process.

  4. When Setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.

NOTE: This Update must be applied to local and client installations, it will not update a Network Admin location.

NOTE: After the installation of this Update, you will have the ability to view three additional raster file formats: DIGEST (ASRP/USRP), JPEG 2000, and MrSID files (up to, and including Generation 3). To verify that these file formats are supported, you can view the Raster Options tab (Tools -> Options -> Raster tab) to see all the supported formats. It is recommended that ArcMap 8.3 has been run at least once and any type of raster data viewed inside the application as a data layer, before installing this Update. Failure to do so may result in the DIGEST format rasters not appearing in the list of supported raster formats on the Raster Options tab (Tools -> Options -> Raster tab). Even if this has occurred, DIGEST format rasters will operate properly within ArcGIS as data layers, but will not be able to be unchecked while browsing for raster data.


Check Online Support Center periodically for the availability of additional updates. New information about this Update will be posted here.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact ESRI Technical Support at 909.793.3774, if you have any difficulty installing this Update. International sites, please contact your local ESRI software distributor.

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