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ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2 Service Pack 2 - for 2007 Data

Published: May 19, 2008


ESRI is pleased to announce a service pack for ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2. This update is only for those who have installed Business Analyst 9.2 with 2007 Data, also known as Build 9.2.251. This is the second service pack for Business Analyst 9.2 with 2007 Data. All previous resolved issues in the first service pack, also known as Build 9.2.303, are included. Since the service packs are cumulative, you only need to install Build 9.2.350 to bring you up-to-date.


Note: Please make sure you have ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 4 installed before applying this update. This can be downloaded from the following location:


Note: If you are applying the Business Analyst service pack and have ArcGIS Server installed on your machine you must first stop the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM) service. After applying the service pack you can restart the service. You can find this at Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
This is designed for users who are unable to access the update via the automatic update utility in Business Analyst due to local security protocols.

  1. You must have ArcMap or ArcCatalog closed.
  2. Create a new folder on your local system called BA9Update.
  3. Download and save the onto a local drive and then unzip the contents into the folder that you created in step 2. When you have completed unzipping this file verify that the following 3 files have been extracted: BA9AUDescription.XML, BA9Update2.exe, and
  4. Do not unzip the as the BA9Update2.exe will automatically extract the information contained in this file during the update process.
  5. Double click the BA9Update2.exe and follow the on screen instructions.
  6. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu select Preferences and then select the General tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #9.2.350).
  7. Update History
    May 19, 2008: Service pack (build 350) available

    Resolved Issues (update build #350):

    • NIM032521 Drive time polygon error when run on customer’s shape file
    • NIM032113 When performing a table join to a spatial overlay output alias field names are lost
    • NIM031722 Synopsis: Reports run for customer layer produce either no data or zeros for many of the records
    • NIM031523 When exact match option is checked in Add Business Listing on a series of 18 business names there is no layer generated
    • NIM031513 Error while executing Locator report with either drive time/drive distance options selected
    • NIM031510 Add option to Find Similar analysis to append site information to the resulting find similar analysis layer
    • NIM031503 In Model Builder Quick Reports needs to be able to read .shp files as an input
    • NIM031502 The Quick Reports tool is not usable with the Export Reports tool in model builder
    • NIM031048 Spatial overlay using 2 mile grids and a custom bds layer result in negative values for some records
    • NIM013948 Drive Time tool crashes in ArcMap and ArcCatalog when multiple rings are a parameter with a 463 record point shapefile as the input
    • NIM012045 Simple Rings error when using Store Layer created with “Tabular Data” option but not with one using “ XY/GPS data” option
    • NIM011408 Running a report on selected record within multiple drive time layer results in no data
    • NIM011349 Unhandled exception error when running a single 10 minute drive time with StreetMap option selected
    • NIM010770 Customer Setup error when last column has both text and blank (“NULL”) records
    • CQ71082 BA Updater uses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for obtaining paths for Demographic Data
    • CQ69969 Segmentation Module - Community Coder Toolbar - A Coder 9.3 error comes up when using this 9.2 toolbar
    • CQ69204 Locator for Segmentation Module can’t be localized
    • CQ68057 Monitor Trade Areas - Measure Cannibalization Error
    • CQ67901 Locator Report: Use Selected Stores Option Doesn’t Work
    • CQ67758 License Agreement Update for BA Canada Setup
    • CQ67182 Locator report shows ‘-1’ for the business points which can’t be reached from store
    • CQ66291 Locator Report Typo - “Miles” misspelled as “Miless”
    • CQ66119 Advanced Editor: The percentage and dollar sign format options are not working
    • CQ65648 When basing Distance Decay Areas Report on .5 mile rings the order of the rings in the report is incorrect
    • CQ65097 Add Business Listings - adding points for states not in location query
    • CQ64979 Incorrect gap calculation in attribute table
    • CQ64686 Store ID is getting cut off when running Locator Report
    • CQ64601 Market Area and Gap Analysis report always reports zeroes in %Pen column (CustHHs field)
    • CQ63398 There is a problem with freezing of Progress bar in Site Prospecting Simple Ring
    • CQ63396 BAUpdate: Update always overwrites existing files even if newer version is installed
    • CQ63194 Market Profile Report - Errors for $50,000 - $99,999, with Related Children, and Education SPI
    • CQ63097 Customer Tapestry Profile Report - problem with some calculations
    • CQ62844 Multi-Area Report - 2007 Population by Age field issues
    • CQ62366 Find Similar by PCA fails to find a copy of Master Site
    • CQ62334 Reports: Comprehensive Profile - Report data differs from BA Desktop results
    • CQ62132 All files in BDS folder should have read-only attribute
    • CQ61934 Spatial Overly - Custom variable not showing up for tree view
    • CQ60948 Customer Prospecting: field list issue
    • CQ60947 All reports are deleted if trying to create a report using a blank space as the name
    • CQ60944 Missing metadata in a newly created customer layer
    • CQ60750 Measure Cannibalization issue
    • CQ60715 Batch Tasks - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    • CQ60641 Threshold Data Driven Ring GPTool Error
    • CQ60640 Measure Cannibalization GPTool Error
    • CQ60536 Exporting a single report to MS Word causes error
    • CQ59023 Segmentation Wizard - Add Properties Button to Game Plan Chart
    • CQ58484 The “Target Penetration Map” report has a blank page at the end
    • CQ58326 Market Ranking Report - Odd average rank field number results
    • CQ57621 Locator Report - Fourth Field Display Issues
    • CQ57560 Wind Rose Error - ERR_SETUP_IMAGES
    • CQ56593 Report Templates Automatic Update Issues
    • CQ56395 Target Penetration Map Report - Area ID & Name Issue
    • CQ56022 Custom Reports: Right-mouse click functions disabled after creating custom variable
    • CQ55673 Market Profile Report - Part of Footer On Page 8 of 8 Is Getting Chopped Off - “r” in the word, “for”
    • CQ54727 Find Similar distance units display as random numbers
    • CQ54024 Add Remove Issue - Back Button Not Working
    • CQ54023 Add Remove Issue - Geocoding Service Warning
    • CQ53890 Reports: Add legend for charts to Multi-Profile and Profile Comparison bar chart
    • CQ53482 Incorrect DMM Shopping Centers PDF in build 251
    • CQ53228 Spatial Overlay Maximum Field Message Should Always Be On Top
    • CQ52369 Typo in GP Help - Customer Prospecting by Demographic Data - Analysis Extent
    • CQ52280 Using “Other” for the “Extent Used By Full Extent Command” results in incorrect zoom level with BA active
    • CQ63481 BACanada: Locator Report shows Miles as the field header, it must show KMs
    • CQ63479 BACanada: BA Preferences > Data tab shows MILES, it must show KILOMETERS
    • CQ62740 BACanada: Street network preference not being set during install
    • CQ62738 BACanada: Using kilometers as distance units for drive time polygons produces incorrect size service area
    • CQ62130 BACanada: PRIZMCE_Total_POP and PRIZMCE_Total_POD summarizations do not work in Spatial Overlay
    • CQ60938 BACanada: PR_ABBREV field for FSA R0B is wrong
    • CQ60937 BACanada: Add PR_ABBREV field to the BDS layers
    • CQ60647 BACanada: Demographic and Income Canada Report Template Issue
    • CQ60521 BACanada: Dataset controls on Preference page have to be locked after switching current dataset
    • CQ60240 BACanada: Identify Businesses does not work if there is no ZIP4 field present
    • CQ60164 BACanada: Need two changes in the data: add generalized shapes and re-block all the data by province first
    • CQ59718 BACanada: Preferences – Changing “Current Dataset” field should change the “Address Locators" field and the “Street Network” field automatically
    • CQ57552 BACanada: Problems creating Market Penetration report
    • CQ57459 BACanada: DVD Volume Label Needs To Be Unique - Currently Says BA92 - Use BAC92

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