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ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2 Service Pack 1 - for 2007 Data

Published: October 29, 2007


ESRI is pleased to announce a service pack for ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.2. This service pack resolves several issues with the Business Analyst extension. This update is only for those who have installed the Business Analyst 9.2 with 2007 Data, also known as Build 9.2.251. Updated October 29, 2007, this service pack will bring you up to Build 9.2.303.


Note: Please make sure you have ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3 installed before applying this update. This can be downloaded from the following location:


Note: If you are applying the Business Analyst service pack and have ArcGIS Server installed on your machine you must first stop the ArcGIS Server Object Manager (SOM) service. After applying the service pack you can restart the service. You can find this at Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

To Manually Install the Downloaded Service Pack
Note: The manual installation of this service pack is the only way to update to build 303. Because a more current Business Analyst service pack is available, the Automatic Update feature is no longer active.

  1. You must have ArcMap or ArcCatalog closed.
  2. Create a new folder on your local system called BA9Update.
  3. Download and save the onto a local drive and then unzip the contents into the folder that you created in step 2. When you have completed unzipping this file verify that the following 3 files have been extracted: BA9AUDescription.XML, BA9Update2.exe, and
  4. Do not unzip the as the BA9Update2.exe will automatically extract the information contained in this file during the update process.
  5. Double click the BA9Update2.exe and follow the on screen instructions.
  6. You can verify the patch version from the Preferences of Business Analyst. From the Business Analyst drop-down menu select Preferences and then select the General Tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will see the current version (Build #9.2.303).
  7. Update History
    October 29, 2007: Service pack (build 303) available

    Resolved Issues (update build #303):

    • NIM010739 Drive Time GP Tool Error for Client File Using StreetMap Option
    • NIM011057 When upgrading from AV/BA 9.1 to AV/BA 9.2 2007 the Business Analyst toolbar drop down is missing
    • NIM011301 Simple Ring (Wizard) & Static Ring (GP Tool) Error - "operation was attempted on an empty geometry"
    • NIM011334 Full access in registry
    • NIM591206 Locator Report Nearest Single Business Points GP Tool issue
    • CQ34753 The 'Choose Additional MRI Group' List Needs To Be In Alphabetical Order
    • CQ47665 Market Area & Gap Analysis Report is Taking Too Long Too Run
    • CQ49738 Support in BA all types of Network Datasets that are supported by Network Analyst
    • CQ50016 When editing a custom variable in an existing BDS layer the Custom reports and Spatial Overlay returns Zeros
    • CQ50512 Distance Decay Areas Wizard: the Next button on the Total Market Counts page is unavailable in some cases
    • CQ50549 Mean Store Center Wizard Typo
    • CQ50660 Report Title Is Shown Differently at the Properties Page and at the Rename/Change Comment Page
    • CQ50878 Ring Size Fields Allow Commas - Entering 1,2,3 in one field Causes Error
    • CQ51071 Store or Customer Setup - Add Warning When Output Of Geocoding Job Reaches Limit of 2GB
    • CQ51089 Problems with non-English letters in Business Analyst dataset
    • CQ51445 Check for BA Updates utility fails on machines with ArcGIS Server
    • CQ51513 Site Prospecting/Multiple Reports: Images Are Inserted if It's Selected not to Insert Them
    • CQ51715 Hardcoded USA related text in several BA forms.
    • CQ52033 Errors running the BA Automatic update utility without AV SP2
    • CQ52434 Typo on 'Create Trade Area From Subgeography Layer' GP Tool
    • CQ52439 Typo In 'Huff Model Calibration By Real Data' GP Tool
    • CQ52447 Average Drive Time Report GP Tool - 'Output Folder' Field Should Default To More Appropriate Folder
    • CQ52555 Game Plan Chart GP Tool - Needs Default 'Report Output Folder' Path Like Other GP Tools
    • CQ52556 Game Plan Map GP Tool - Needs Default 'Output Folder' Path Like Other GP Tools
    • CQ53020 Custom Report Wizard Not Showing Calculated Variables For Custom BDS Layer
    • CQ53136 Preferences - Drive Time - Change Text To Restart Message
    • CQ53141 Sub-geography Trade Area issue - 'Use selected feature' Option Is Only Working For One of the Selected Features
    • CQ53149 Market Ranking Report - Duplicate Field In Report if it is Added To Selected Fields and is Selected For the Primary Field For Ranking
    • CQ53184 Drivetime preferences are blank for connectors street network dataset
    • CQ53229 Game Plan Chart Report - When Run Alone Legend Is Blank
    • CQ53234 Segmentation Study Issues - Empty Table of Contents and Blank First Page
    • CQ53302 Race Report Needs Area ID Column
    • CQ53398 Site Prospecting Has 'Sticky' Input Fields
    • CQ53405 Tapestry Segmentation Profile Report 'Report Title (String)' Field Is Positioned Off of the Page
    • CQ53455 Multi-Area Report column headers overlapping
    • CQ53463 'Check For BA Updates' Dialog Getting Chopped Off With 1920 X 1200 Resolution
    • CQ53472 Bottom of BA Assistant Getting Chopped Off With 1920 X 1200 Resolution
    • CQ53482 Incorrect DMM Shopping Centers PDF in build 251
    • CQ53535 Find Similar GP tool creates an output feature class with the wrong number of features
    • CQ53568 Error Using 'Create a profile using customer data' With us_notap.sdlic License
    • CQ53598 Incorrect Control Behavior when DPI Setting Is Set to Large Size
    • CQ53599 Non-overlapped Rings Cannot Be Created When File Geodatabase Output Is Selected
    • CQ53601 Create Geographic Profile for Separate Area: Wrong Message Appears After Execution
    • CQ53602 Add Business Listings Works Incorrectly when Output Business Layer Consists of Only One Feature
    • CQ53603 Spatial Overlay Wizard Issue: Fields Are in Wrong Order when They're Moved to the Right
    • CQ53606 Segmentation Studies Templates Are Marked as Invalid on the Manage Templates Page
    • CQ53640 Getting GCS_WGS_1984 instead of GCS_GDA_1994 for the trade areas data driven and threshold ring for Australian BA
    • CQ53648 Market Ranking Report Template Fixes
    • CQ53735 Reports: Comprehensive Alignment issues in footers
    • CQ53764 Add 'ZIP Code' Level Apportionment Option
    • CQ53817 Comments Shouldn't Change if Reference for Customer/Store Was Changed in BA Preferences
    • CQ53880 Reports: Update Summary information on all segmentation reports
    • CQ53881 Community Tapestry Segmentation report: remove reference to 2005
    • CQ53885 Reports: Match Level edits, fix report title in summary info
    • CQ53886 Reports: Title Page, add Tapestry logo
    • CQ53889 Reports: Change references in text of reports from business or company to 'organization'
    • CQ53939 Installation Registry Issues - 'My Output Data' Incorrectly Defaulting To 'C:\Windows\System32\My Output Data\'
    • CQ54003 Profile Comparison Bar Chart Report - Legend Colors Don't Update
    • CQ54004 Game Plan Chart Report - Can't Move or Turn Off Legend
    • CQ54010 Multi-Profile Bar Chart Report - Legend Colors Update Incorrectly
    • CQ54023 Add Remove Issue - Geocoding Service Warning
    • CQ54206 Locator Report GP Tool Defect - Distance Values Not Properly Generated In Some Cases
    • CQ54262 StreetMap Drive Time Error With Multiple Locations
    • CQ54264 Setup Store Using XY Data Error Using Excel File With 'In an already loaded table' Option
    • CQ54422 Calculated fields are not available as summarizations with custom BDS layers
    • CQ54710 Some issues in Measure Cannibalization in Model Builder.
    • CQ55057 MarketPenetration, ThresholdRingBuilder and Grid business objects must support Preferences Settings
    • CQ55118 Need to change the way the rings are created tyo new BA Online approach.
    • CQ55235 Locator Report Run For Drive Time Shows Minutes When It Is Actually Representing Distance
    • CQ55373 Customer Setup Wizard ignores custom caption of SOLAP component
    • CQ55482 Market Ranking UI works incorrectly if BDS layer has a field with lower-case letters
    • CQ55616 Speed Limits Settings don't work for Street Map Drivetime engine
    • CQ55713 Analysis Layer Setup Weight Field UI problem
    • CQ56041 'Target Penetration Map' Map Layer's Attributes Table Is Showing 10% for Penetration When It Should Equal 100%
    • CQ56042 Target Penetration Map Report and Map Layer Penetration Not Calculated With Selected Segments
    • CQ56317 'Publishing' and 'BA Export/backup project...' doesn't display CustomData tree when it is called from ArcMap.
    • CQ56442 Customer Profiling Wizard ignores Use Selected Customers parameter
    • CQ56445 The 1-4 employee range does not appear in the interface
    • CQ56594 Jump to Location: the Locations Are Not Updated After Dataset Is Changed
    • CQ56897 Match Level Summary Report - Incorrect Auto Text
    • CQ56983 Desire Lines - Drive Time Option Producing '-1' and '0' Output
    • CQ57069 Segmentation - Batch Tasks Error for Match LevelSummary, Geographic Customer Summary, & Other Reports
    • CQ57077 Target Penetration Report Is Missing the Area ID
    • CQ57150 Study Area Cannot Be Created if the Geography Area Name Contains a Single Apostrophe
    • CQ57331 Trade Area Wizard - Standard Levels of Geography - Search Error
    • CQ57475 Customer Geographic Summary Report performance improvement
    • CQ57577 Study Area/Standard Levels of Geography TA Issue When Several datasets Are Used
    • CQ57682 Error When Trying to Run Sub-geography on Empty Document
    • CQ58374 The Warning Message Should Appear after Switching Dataset Countries
    • CQ58400 Select Subgeography layer - the checked BDS layer is not sticky in wizard
    • CQ58563 Match Level Summary report needs ZIP+4 reference
    • CQ58594 After 'The resulting table exceeds allowed size limits' Message Is Encountered The CustLayers Directory Is Inappropriately Deleted
    • CQ58736 Synchronization datasets in registry between CURRENT_USER and LOCAL_MACHINE
    • CQ59025 Segmentation Wizard - Market Area and Gap Analysis Report - Doesn't Change Label to 'Adults'
    • CQ59027 Segmentation Wizard - Market Potential Report - Replace 'US average' in General Text
    • CQ59032 Segmentation Wizard - US Adult Tapestry Profile and US Household Tapestry Profile Need To Be Recreated For BA SP1
    • CQ59308 Thiessen Polygons do not work correctly on given dataset
    • CQ60034 Customer Setup Wizard - Assign Customers to Stores Error
    • CQ56988 BACanada: Need to add 'By CMACA' Study Area Setup Method
    • CQ56989 BACanada: Some of the BDS layers are not in hierarchy and are listed separately from BA Standard Data
    • CQ56992 BACanada: Distance Decay wizard page ignores default distance units from Preferences
    • CQ56993 BACanada: Need to add default percentage fields and default data precision to BDS files
    • CQ57149 BACanada: Dynamic Ring Analysis should create 1 kilometer ring by default
    • CQ57358 BACanada: Hardcoded USA related text in several BA forms
    • CQ57460 BACanada: Install Needs To Check For ArcGIS Service Pack (SP)
    • CQ57515 BACanada: 'Business Analyst_CAN.mxd' Was Not Added To Business Analyst Program Group
    • CQ57517 BACanada: Add Option To BA Canada Install To Add The 'Business Analyst_CAN.mxd' Shortcut To the Desktop
    • CQ57552 BACanada: Problems creating Market Penetration report
    • CQ57553 BACanada: WindRose report fails to run
    • CQ57571 BACanada: Customer Geographic Summary Report does not work
    • CQ57683 BACanada: Locator Report: USA Related Default Text
    • CQ58114 BACanada: Install Screen Says Install Will Take 30 Minutes – should be less
    • CQ58133 BACanada: Install_BA.html Correction - Disk Space
    • CQ58196 BACanada: Error After Changing Dataset From US to Canada and Then Running Site Prospecting In The Same Session

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