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Problem: Multispectral orthomosaics do not appear in Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS after processing


Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS has the ability to process multispectral imagery from a variety of cameras. These images can be processed into multispectral orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSMs). However, when the processing completes, users may notice that no orthomosaics are added to the map, as opposed to standard RGB imagery where the orthomosaic is added to the mission for display.


This is expected behavior. Site Scan Manager can process multispectral imagery into orthomosaics, but cannot natively display these orthomosaics. As long as no error messages are returned during processing, the orthomosaic has been generated correctly.

Solution or Workaround

To use a multispectral orthomosaic after processing, go to the Data Exports menu. The orthomosaic can be downloaded here and then opened in other software such as ArcGIS Pro.

Last Published: 1/19/2023

Article ID: 000029169

Software: Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS Current