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Problem: Unable to edit an embedded code or link in ArcGIS StoryMaps


In ArcGIS StoryMaps, picture or video content can be embedded to enrich the story. However, when a wrong URL code or link is embedded, it is not editable.


This is by design. A URL link is not editable on a story after the link is embedded.

Solution or Workaround

As a workaround, correct the URL and insert the URL as a new embed in the story.

  1. On the desired picture or video, click Options.
The Options button on the video
  1. In the Embed options window, under Embed content reference, click Copy to copy the link.
Copy the URL
  1. Edit the link in Notepad.
  2. In the story map's edit page, click Add content blockAdd content block.
Add content block
  1. Select and click Embed.
Click Embed
  1. In the Add web content window, type or paste the correct URL in Step 3. Click Add.
Embed the URL

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Last Published: 8/4/2022

Article ID: 000028037

Software: ArcGIS Online Current ArcGIS StoryMaps Current