How To: Access Swagger, the backend API of ArcGIS Velocity


ArcGIS Velocity offers a Software-as-a-Service solution to managing real-time data through ArcGIS Online. While Velocity has a sleek interface, it also has a backend API similar to REST in other Enterprise products. This API is called Swagger, and the base URL to access it is:

  • Where the orgID refers to the ID of your ArcGIS Online organization.
  • This URL can be derived from the Network Traffic section of a browser's Dev Tools console.
  • Accessing the Velocity home page while signed into your ArcGIS Online organizational account (https://velocity.arcgis.com) and taking a look at network traffic will reveal many requests to the above base URL:

You can then append the following path to the base URL to access the Swagger interface:

The Swagger interface is shown in the image below.
Swagger user interface

Through the tabs in this interface, you can get the JSON definition of feeds, outputs, and analytics, as well as create new items through POST requests. This is especially useful for making copies of Real-Time Analytics or Data Feeds, and even works between ArcGIS Online organizations.

Swagger POST request

Last Published: 10/13/2021

Article ID: 000025939

Software: ArcGIS Online 9.3, 9.2, 9.1 ArcGIS Velocity Current