How To: Remove the thousand separator from numeric fields in ArcGIS Online


In ArcGIS Online, the thousand separator (comma) separates numbers in numeric fields. In some instances, the comma must be removed to retain the meaning and logic of the field value. For example, the year ‘2000’ and the Redlands, California zip code, ‘92375’ must be displayed without a comma.

The image below shows the values in the Year_founded field with a thousand separator (comma).

Image showing the Year_founded field values with comma.

This article provides two options to remove the thousand separator (comma) from a Year_founded field (numeric field).


Ensure layer editing is enabled. Only administrators or owners of the hosted feature layer can enable layer editing. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Manage hosted feature layers for more information.

Uncheck the ‘Use 1000 Separator’ check box in the pop-up setting

This workflow removes the thousand separator (comma) from the Year_founded field, and this is reflected in the web map pop-up.

  1. Open the hosted feature layer’s item details page, and click the Visualization tab.
  1. Click the Configure Pop-up Image showing the Configure Pop-up icon. icon.
  1. Under Pop-up Contents, click Configure Attributes.
  1. In the Configure Attributes window, click the Field Name, and uncheck the Use 1000 Separator check box under Format. Click OK. The image below shows the Use 1000 Separator check box is unchecked for the Year_founded field.
Image showing the Configure Attributes window and the option to check or uncheck the 1000 Separator checkbox.
  1. Click OK in the Configure Pop-up pane.
  1. On the top-right section, click Save Layer to save the edits in the existing layer, or click Save As New Layer to save the layer as a new layer.
Image showing the the two save options for the hosted feature layer in the Visualization tab.

The image below shows the Year_founded field without the thousand separator.

Image showing the field displayed without the comma.

Populate the numeric field values into the new field

This workflow creates a new string field (Founded) by populating it with the values from a numeric field (Year_founded).

  1. In the hosted feature layer's item details page, navigate to Data > Table, and create a new string field. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Add or delete a field for steps to create a new field. Refresh the page to apply the changes.
To display the new field, follow the last two steps of the following article, How To: Display hidden fields in an ArcGIS Online web map pop-up and attribute table.
  1. In the Table view, click the new field’s header, and click Calculate.
  1. In the Calculate Field dialog box, click SQL.
Image showing the SQL option in the Calculate Field dialog box.
  1. Select Numeric for Fields, and select the numeric field in the box under Fields.
Image showing the options available in the Calculate Field dialog box.
  1. Click the Validate Image showing the Validate button. button to verify the expression, and click CALCULATE.

The image below shows the new field (Founded) populated with the numeric field values (Year_founded) without the thousand separator.

Image showing the new field is populated without thousand separator.
Optionally, refer to ArcGIS Online: Add or delete a field for steps to delete the numeric field after the new field is populated.

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Last Published: 10/20/2020

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