How To: Use Google Earth images as basemaps in ArcGIS Pro


ArcGIS Pro does not provide the functionality to directly use Google Earth images as basemaps, and it is not available in the provided default list of basemaps. This article provides a workaround to use a Google Earth image as a basemap in ArcGIS Pro.


  1. In Google Earth, zoom in to the desired map extent.
  2. Add at least three placemarks within the extent as ground control points, and note the latitude and longitude coordinates of each placemark.
  3. Save the Google Earth map as an image. To do this, refer to Google Earth Support: Save your favorite map image. The image below shows a Google Earth image with four placemarks created as ground control points.
An image of the Google Earth image with placemarks.
The Google Earth image can only be used at the scale of the saved image.
  1. In a new, blank ArcGIS Pro project, set the coordinate system to WGS 1984.
    1. In the Contents pane, right-click Map, and click Properties.
    2. In the Map Properties dialog box, select Coordinate Systems.
    3. Under XY Coordinate Systems available, click Geographic coordinate system > World > WGS 1984.
  2. Add the Google Earth image to the project, and georeference the image by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates of all the ground control points. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: Georeferencing a raster entering x,y coordinates for steps to do this. Click Apply to apply the georeference before saving. The image below shows the georeferenced Google Earth image in ArcGIS Pro.
An image of the georeferenced Google Earth image.
  1. To use the Google Earth image as a basemap and display other operational layers on top of it, move the operational layers above the Google Earth image in the Contents pane.
An image of operational layers above the Google Earth basemap.

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Last Published: 6/11/2020

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