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How To: Create an ArcGIS Online Organization and access ArcGIS Pro after purchasing a Personal Use subscription


When purchasing a Personal Use license, sometimes the second email with the activation information is lost in a spam filter or fails to deliver for some reason. However, there is a way to activate the ArcGIS Online subscription from within My Esri, without having the email links available. This article provides steps to do so.


  1. Log in to My Esri using the account that purchased the Personal Use subscription.
  2. Go to the My Organizations tab.
  3. Select Transactions.
  4. Click the transaction ID, and select Product Information.
  5. Expand the Activate ArcGIS Online Organization row.
  6. Click Activate Subscription.
If the options above are not displayed in My Esri, contact Esri Customer Service.
Image showing the Activate Subscription button
  1. Once the organization is created, assign the ArcGIS Pro license to the ArcGIS Online user and sign-in to ArcGIS Pro using those credentials.

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Last Published: 7/9/2020

Article ID: 000022997