Problem: Fields are not accessible when configuring a Serial Chart widget in ArcGIS Dashboards


A Serial Chart widget in ArcGIS Dashboards is configured using the hosted feature layer. When configuring the widget, the field name is not listed in the Category Field or the Series Field.


To configure a chart, a series is created using data from a hosted feature layer. There are three options to create a series: Grouped Values, Features, and Fields. Depending on the option selected, the input data for the serial chart sorts the field type into Category Field or Series Field accordingly.

  • Category Field contains categorical data such as strings and dates, and numerical data such as numbers and decimals.
  • Series Field contains only numerical data.

If a field name is not listed in Category Field or Series Field, this indicates the field data type is different. For example, a desired numeric field represented as a string type prevents numeric query operations when using the Serial Chart widget in ArcGIS Dashboards.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, check the field type of the data file and edit it accordingly before publishing it as a hosted feature layer.

In the Serial Chart widget, check the name of the hosted feature layer. In ArcGIS Online, view the Item Details of the published hosted feature layer, and check the field types. If the field type is different, modify the field properties with the correct field type to match the series option. Depending on the data source of the hosted feature layer, refer to the options below to resolve.

Change the field data type for feature class

In ArcMap, refer to ArcMap: Modifying field properties for the workflow. Optionally, transfer attributes from one field/data type to another field/data type using Field Calculator in ArcGIS Desktop, refer to How To: Change the data type of an existing field.

Change the field data type for text files

  1. Use the Table to Table tool to save a new copy of the table.
  2. In the Table to Table window,
    1. Specify the Input Rows, Output Location and Output Table.
    2. In the Field Map (optional) field, right-click the field name, and click Properties to change the Field Type.
    3. Click OK. 
  3. Check the field properties of the created table to confirm the changes made to the data type are reflected.
In ArcGIS Online, when uploading the text file as hosted feature layer, check the Field Type cell. If the data type is different, change it by selecting the correct data type from the drop-down list in the cell. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Publish hosted feature layers for more information.
  1. Republish the new table created as a hosted feature layer, and configure it using the Serial Chart widget in ArcGIS Dashboards.

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