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Problem: The drop-down list does not display surveys in the ArcGIS Survey123 trigger in Microsoft Power Automate


Microsoft Power Automate can be used to automate email notifications when responses are submitted from ArcGIS Survey123. In some instances, when attempting to select a survey in the 'When a survey response is submitted' trigger, the drop-down list does not display any surveys.

The drop-down list of surveys without any surveys


In Microsoft Power Automate, when a flow is saved, the flow registers a webhook in the surveys. Users are signed out of ArcGIS Online automatically after a period of two weeks when webhooks are utilized in ArcGIS Survey123.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, sign in to ArcGIS Online from Microsoft Power Automate.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Power Automate.
  2. Navigate to Data > Connections.
Image showing the Power Automate data connections pane
  1. Click the Survey123 ellipsis, and select Switch account.
Image showing the Switch account option
  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Online using the required credentials when redirected.
Image of the ArcGIS Online sign in page

The existing surveys are available in the drop-down list after signing in to ArcGIS Online.

Image showing the list of surveys

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Last Published: 5/4/2022

Article ID: 000022795

Software: Web Apps ArcGIS.Survey123.Website ArcGIS Online Current