Problem: Unable to sign in to ArcGIS Maps for Office on a Portal for ArcGIS installed machine


Attempts to sign in to ArcGIS Maps for Office on the portal machine and with the option to "Fall back to cloud resources" unchecked causes the sign-in page to display the following message:

"Sign in to the ArcGIS platform. Page not found".
Image of the Sign In Page


This issue occurs because the portal machine does not have Portal Resources for ArcGIS Maps for Office installed, or if the installed version is outdated and not compatible with ArcGIS Maps for Office.

Solution or Workaround

This issue can be resolved by ensuring Portal Resources is updated accordingly whenever ArcGIS Maps for Office is updated as well. To determine the version of Portal Resources, an entry of the installation can be found in the Windows Control Panel.

Image of the installation entry in Windows Control Panel

The default installation directory is:

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\webapps\docroot\resources\arcgismapsforoffice\x.0\office\<version number>

Portal Resources can be downloaded at ArcGIS Maps for Office: Download, and for installation steps, refer to ArcGIS Help: Install ArcGIS Maps for Office.

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