Problem: Creating a new ArcGIS server site on Microsoft Azure returns the error message 'timeout creating child process'


In some instances, attempts to create a new ArcGIS Server site on Microsoft Azure fail, and the following generic error message is returned:

timeout creating child process
timeout creating child process error message


ArcGIS Server is not able to configure an ArcGIS Server site using the fully-qualified domain name.

Solution or Workaround

Changing the configuration to build the site using the machine's IP address allows the site to be configured. To create a new ArcGIS Server site using the machine's IP address, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the taskbar and click Task Manager.
  2. Under the Services tab, right-click the ArcGIS Server service and select Stop to stop the service.
  3. Navigate to C:\arcgisserver\directories and delete all the folders.
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\etc and delete all the files in the etc folder.
Ensure that only the files in the etc folder are deleted and the folders are kept.
Files to be deleted in the etc folder
  1. In the etc folder, create a new file named hostname.properties based on the current IP address of the machine. Refer to ArcGIS Server: Configure ArcGIS Server in advanced scenarios for more information.
  2. Restart the ArcGIS Server service. Navigate to the Services tab in Task Manager to do this.
  3. Browse to the ArcGIS Server Manager website (https://<gisserver.domain.com>:6443/arcgis/manager/) to create the ArcGIS Server site.

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