How To: Copy coordinates on a map to the clipboard in ArcGIS Pro


Sometimes, users are required to copy the coordinates of a specific point on a map to the clipboard for use in applications outside of ArcGIS Pro such as Microsoft Excel. This article provides steps to do so.


Use the Context menu

Right-click the desired point in Map View and click Copy Coordinates.

Screenshot of the Context menu in ArcGIS Pro

Use the Explore tool

  1. On the Map tab in the Navigate group, click the Explore tool.
Screenshot of the Explore tool in the Navigate group in the Map tab
  1. Click the desired point on the map. The Pop-up pane appears.
  2. On the Pop-up pane, right-click the coordinates at the bottom of the pane. Click Copy to copy the coordinates to the clipboard.
Screenshot of the Pop-up pane

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