How To: Add secure ArcGIS Server services as items in ArcGIS Online


This article describes how to add secure ArcGIS Server services items to ArcGIS Online with credentials attached. In some cases, a user has no access to a portal but wants to access a feature service securely through a mapping client such as ArcGIS Online. However, if the credentials are not stored with the service before adding them to ArcGIS Online, attempts to access the service result in prompts for credentials. For more information, refer to ArcGIS Online: Secure services.


To ensure the service is secured, configure ArcGIS Server security before performing the following steps. For more information on configuring ArcGIS Server security, refer to ArcGIS Server: Secure your ArcGIS Server site and ArcGIS Server: Best practices for configuring a secure environment.

  1. Secure the ArcGIS Server service using ArcGIS Server Manager. To do so, refer to ArcGIS Server: Modifying permissions for a service or folder.
  2. Once the security settings are configured, copy the URL of the desired service. For more information on service URLs, refer to ArcGIS Server: Components of ArcGIS URLs.
  3. In ArcGIS Online, click the Content tab and click Add Item > From the web.
Image of ArcGIS Online Add Item context menu
  1. Paste the URL copied from step 2 into the URL text box.
  2. After pasting the URL, click any white space within the dialog box. A prompt to enter the necessary credentials appears.
  3. Fill in the credentials, and select Store credentials with service item. Do not prompt for authentication.
Image of the Add Items from Web dialog box
  1. Add the item to Web Maps and share it through the desired ArcGIS Online group.

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