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Problem: Portal for ArcGIS perpetual license expires


Portal for ArcGIS licenses that appear as perpetual in My Esri expire when assigned to a combination of term-limited and perpetual named users.

Screenshot of the Portal for ArcGIS as perpetual in My Esri 


Portal for ArcGIS licenses assigned to term-limited and perpetual named users have the annual expiration date enforced by the authorization files of the term-limited users. Portal for ArcGIS licenses reference one expiration time frame so it inherits the term license’s annual expiration date.

Solution or Workaround

Contact Esri Support Services to cancel the expired license and generate a new license authorization code in My Esri for all the named users (term-limited and perpetual). For more information on generating new Portal for ArcGIS licenses, refer to GeoNet: Generate Portal for ArcGIS Licenses.

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Last Published: 5/20/2019

Article ID: 000020991