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How To: Configure an Integromat webhook to upload ArcGIS Survey123 Feature Reports to a cloud service provider


By default, ArcGIS Survey123 is unable to directly save survey results on a cloud service (such as Google Drive and One Drive). Survey123 must be configured with Integromat to save survey results on a cloud service. Integromat is a third-party workflow service to connect apps, transfer data and transform data.

Integromat is a third-party service. Esri is not liable for positioning inaccuracies, subsequent updates, errors, or omissions of data.

This article describes how to use Integromat's webhook support to automatically save a Survey123 survey form report on a cloud service.


In this article, a survey response and a survey report form are configured and generated in Survey123, and the report file is downloaded and uploaded to Google Drive via Integromat.

  1. Create a survey and a report template in ArcGIS Survey123.
  2. Sign in to Integromat.
  3. At the top-right corner, click Create a new scenario.
The Create a new scenario section
  1. Search for Survey123 in the Search box, click on the icon, and click Continue.
The Search box page
  1. Click the The Watch Survey Triggersicon to select a module. Click Survey123 > Watch survey.
The module icon
  1. In the Survey123 module setting, click Add to configure Webhook.
  2. In the Add a hook pop-up, enter a name for Webhook.
  3. Click Add under the Connection header. By default, the Connection name is set to My ArcGIS Online connection. Click Continue.
  4. Select Survey from which to retrieve information and responses.
  5. Click Save > OK to close the module settings.
The Survey123 Watch Survey module
  1. Click Add another module to connect two modules. In the pop-up, select Survey123 > Create feature report.​​
    1. Configure the feature report in Survey123 with the Create feature report module. Settings are specific to each module. Refer to Integromat: Module settings for more information.
    2. Click Add under the Connection header, and select the same survey used in Step 5d from the Survey header drop-down.
    3. Specify the Report Template.
    4. Specify the Feature ObjectID to include in the report. The following expression indicates the survey records for the generated reports:
1.Response[1]: addResults[1]: objectID
  1. Click OK to close the module settings.
The Survey123 Create feature report module
  1. Click Add another module to add the HTTP module.
    1. In the pop-up, search HTTP, and click HTTP > Get a file.
Use Get a file to download a file from a URL. This function directs the URL from the report output to download the report successfully.
  1. Specify a URL for the output of the Survey123 report. The following URL directs to the file in ArcGIS Survey123 of the last run report:
2. resultInfo: resultFiles[1]: url
  1. Click OK.
The HTTP Get a file module
  1. Click Add another module to add the Upload a File module.
    1. In the pop-up, search for Google Drive, and click Google Drive > Upload a file.
    2. Specify Destination and a Target folder to place the file.
    3. For Source file, select the HTTP-Get a File module.
    4. Click OK.
The Google Drive Upload a file module
  1. Click Run once. This automation monitors the specified survey for new responses, generates a feature report for every new feature, downloads the report file, and uploads the report file to the desired location (Google Drive).
Turn on SCHEDULING to record survey responses within a desired time frame.
The Run once selection
There are many options to customize and alter Integromat scenarios. Another popular option is to use the Cloud Convert module to convert the .docx file created from the feature report, and convert it to any number of file formats such as a .pdf. The Cloud Convert module is placed after the HTTP module, and downloads the .docx file from the created Feature Report link in the Survey123 module. The .docx file is subsequently converted to a .pdf and attached to the outgoing email.

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Last Published: 5/4/2022

Article ID: 000020865

Software: Web Apps ArcGIS.Survey123.Website