Bug: Spatially filtered data from an Oracle database cannot be used to create a box plot in ArcGIS Insights


Creating a box plot in ArcGIS Insights fails when using the result dataset from a spatial filter on data stored in an Oracle database.  Spatial filters include the results of the Spatial Filter tool or the Selection tools (Select, Box select, and Lasso).


This issue is caused by a bug in Oracle 12c R2 and Oracle 18c, which was fixed in Oracle 19c. Therefore, the issue only exists when using ArcGIS Insights with data from a connection to an Oracle 12c R2 or Oracle 18c database.


  • Upgrade your database to Oracle 19c
  • If database upgrade is not an option, use an attribute filter, rather than a spatial filter, if possible. For example, to filter for specific counties, use an attribute filter for the county name, rather than a spatial filter with selected counties boundaries.

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