Problem: ArcGIS Maps for Office Installer fails to find the correct file path for resources on Portal 10.7 for Linux


To use ArcGIS Maps for Office with the Enterprise stack, it is required that certain web resources are installed on the Portal for ArcGIS directory. In a typical deployment, when the installer is run, the resources are extracted to this location:


After these resources are installed, the location should contain the following subfolders:

Files\ArcGIS\Portal\framework\webapps\rootapp\resources\arcgismapsforoffice\5.0\office\<Build #>

When using Portal for ArcGIS 10.7 for Linux, the installer cannot locate this file path.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Download the ArcGIS Maps for Office Resources for Portal for ArcGIS ZIP file from the ArcGIS Maps for Office Download page.
  2. Extract the contents of this folder manually to this folder location:
  1. Confirm that this folder location now looks like this:
Files/ArcGIS/Portal/framework/webapps/rootapp/resources/arcgismapsforoffice/5.0/office/<Build #>

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