Problem: Unable to select an active ArcGIS Portal in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS


Selecting an ArcGIS Online or a different ArcGIS Enterprise Portal as the active ArcGIS Portal in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS redirects users to the login page of the previously connected ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. The selected Portal's URL does not overwrite the previously configured URL, as shown in the image below.

A screenshot of the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS window with the Portal URLs


Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS references the previously configured Portal URL in the JSON file settings. The existing Portal URL is not overwritten in the JSON file even after deleting and adding a new Portal URL in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS.

Solution or Workaround

The following are steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to the JSON file. Depending on the operating system, the JSON file is located in the following folders:
    Windows: C:\Users\<Username>\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Settings
    macOS: <ComputerName>/ArcGIS/AppStudio/Settings
    Ubuntu: /Home/ArcGIS/AppStudio/Settings
  2. Select and edit the latest JSON file with Notepad++.
    1. Right-click the JSON file, and click Edit with Notepad++.
    2. In the Notepad++ tab, edit and remove the values of the Portal/url parameter.
"Portal/url": "",
Portal URL command in the JSON file.
  1. Click File > Save.
  2. Close and open Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, and add the desired Portal URL. For more information, refer to Survey123 for ArcGIS: Setup.

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