Problem: Unable to access ArcGIS Server Manager from a site with two or more servers in a cluster


In a setting where multiple machines are connected to a site (with server directories and configuration stored on a network shared drive), and the site is federated with Portal for ArcGIS, one or more of the following occurs:

  • ArcGIS Server site crashes, and ArcGIS Server Manager cannot be accessed from the machine where the site was created. ArcSOCs for these services are still running.
  • Accessing ArcGIS Server Manager from another machine loads the ArcGIS Site Creation Wizard, presenting the option to create a site or join an existing site.

The following errors are returned in the server logs:

Failed to start the server machine. Configuration store error. File system put failed. Another administrative operation is currently accessing the store. Please try again later.
Failed to construct instance of service. Service startup timeout.


The site or the server's configuration files are corrupted, breaking federation and preventing access to all services.

Solution or Workaround

To circumvent the issue, perform the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the network shared server directory folder and search for .site files.
  2. Delete all files with existing links to the site.
  3. Remove files related to the primary machine in the default cluster.
Default location: C:\arcgis\arcgisserver\config-store\clusters\default
  1. Remove files related to the primary machine in the config store folder.
Default location: C:\arcgis\arcgisserver\config-store\machines
  1. Restart the ArcGIS Server service on the primary and secondary server machines.
  2. Create a new site on the secondary machine. For help with creating a new site, refer to Create a site. Point the directories and config store to the network share location.
  3. Join the primary machine to the site.
  4. Re-configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor with either machine. For help with configuring ArcGIS Web Adaptor, refer to Configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor.

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