Problem: Print service running on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux ArcGIS Server outputs a blank PDF


A print service published to ArcGIS Server running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not display the intended output to all file formats. For example, the intended output may display all components of a template is appears as intended when the output format is set to JPEG or PNG, but it appears blank for the PDF format.


Linux relies on certain packages to be installed to fulfill certain print jobs on the machine. In this case, for ArcGIS Server print services, the 'python-cups' package is required to allow print services to display the components as intended.

Solution or Workaround

This issue can be resolved by using the Linux yum command to install the python-cups package via the Linux command line.

  1. Run the Linux command line interface.
  2. Type the following command and press enter:
yum install python-cups
  1. Once the python-cups package is installed, restart the ArcGIS server and check to see if the print service is producing output format that appears as intended.

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