Problem: Complex polygons fail to render in Insights for ArcGIS when stored in ArcGIS Data Store 10.6


Complex polygons, such as ZIP code boundaries, do not render completely in Insights for ArcGIS 3.0 under the following scenarios:

  • when they are stored in ArcGIS Data Store 10.6 with a default PostgreSQL database 9.6.3,


  • when they are stored in ArcGIS Data Store 10.5.1 and the PostgreSQL database has been updated to version 9.6 or later.

The datasets can still be used to perform non-spatial analysis, such as to create charts and tables.


This issue occurs when ArcGIS Data Store 10.5.12 or 10.6 is used with a PostgreSQL database version 9.6 or later. The issue causes the memory in the Data Store to become corrupted if there are either too many features or complex geometries.

Solution or Workaround

Update ArcGIS Data Store to version 10.6.1.  For more information, see the web help topic Upgrade ArcGIS Data Store.  If using ArcGIS Data Store 10.5.1, make sure to use PostgreSQL 9.3.12 (the default installation). Also, try filtering the dataset to reduce its geometry size, or choose a generalized dataset with less complexity.