Problem: Unable to save or discard edits for nonversioned data in ArcGIS Pro


When editing nonversioned data from an enterprise geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro, the Save and Discard buttons are unavailable.

ArcGIS Pro Manage Edits group with Save and Discard buttons greyed out


This is expected behavior since edits of nonversioned data directly edits the data source in the enterprise geodatabase. In ArcGIS Pro, edits of nonversioned data are saved immediately when a feature or attribute value is changed. Therefore the Save and Discard buttons in the Manage Edits group are unavailable if the data in the enterprise geodatabase is nonversioned.

Solution or Workaround

To enable the Save and Discard buttons, use one of the following methods:

Use versioned data
If the data source is in an environment that can be accessed and edited by multiple users, it is recommended to register the data as versioned data, which uses the Save or Discard functions in ArcGIS Pro. For more information on registering data as versioned in ArcGIS Pro, see ArcGIS Pro: Register data as versioned.

Edit the data in a file geodatabase
By default, when saving or discarding edits in a project, users are prompted to review the edits made. To review edits on a data before saving or discarding the edits, perform the edits in an environment that allows the Save or Discard edits functions in ArcGIS Pro. Make a copy of the data from the enterprise geodatabase, and save it in a file geodatabase. File geodatabases allow for the Save or Discard edits functions, whether stored in a local machine or a network drive.

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