FAQ: Is it possible to add a hyperlink path to a field in ArcGIS Pro?


Is it possible to add a hyperlink path to a field in ArcGIS Pro?


Yes, ArcGIS Pro allows a hyperlink path to be added to a field in the attribute table. This option adds a hyperlink for an individual feature in a feature layer, allowing access to feature-related documents, images or web pages when the pop-up window is clicked. Features without hyperlinks display null values in the hyperlink section of the pop-up window.

Follow the instructions below to insert a hyperlink path to a field:

  1. In the Contents pane, right-click the feature layer and click Open Attribute Table.
  2. Click the Add button to add a new field.
Image showing the Add button in the attribute table
  1. Type the field name, and select Text for data type.
Image showing adding field name and data type for the new field.
  1. On the Fields tab, click Save.
Image showing the Save button on the Fields tab
  1. In the attribute table, copy and paste the following string for the desired feature in the hyperlink field.
<a href="file://filepath" target="_top">hyperlinkname</a>
  1. Replace the file path and hyperlink name in the string, as shown in the image below.
Image showing a hyperlink path is added to a field
  1. On the Edit tab, click Save to save the edits. Click the feature in the map window to view the added hyperlink in the pop-up window. Ensure the hyperlink opens the expected file or website. Features without a hyperlink show null values.
Image showing the pop-ups in the map window

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