Problem: Unable to add a dynamic workspace to a map service


When attempting to add a dynamic workspace to a map service, the loading process stops responding.

User-added image of dynamic workspace loading dialog box


The PublishingToolsEX geoprocessing service is missing, thus preventing the action of adding dynamic data sources to the map service. The ArcGIS Server Logs report the following warning message:

Unable to process request. Service System/PublishingToolsEx/GPServer not found

User-added image

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, recreate the PublishingToolsEX geoprocessing service:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Server Manager.
  2. Navigate to Services > System > PublishingTools.
  3. Click REST under Supported Interfaces and copy the resulting JSON.
  4. Navigate to Services > System and click Create Service under Supported Operations.
  5. Paste the JSON from Step 3 and replace the provider and service name to the following parameters:
    "provider": "ArcObjects11"
    "serviceName": "PublishingToolsEx"
  6. Click Create and add a dynamic workspace to the map service.

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