Problem: Publishing a map service with ArcFM data fails with 20022 and 20019 errors


When publishing a map service with ArcFM data to ArcGIS Server, the following error messages are returned:

20019: Layer is being published with custom class extension
20022: Layer is being published with custom feature

Screenshot of the errors when publishing the map service.


This issue occurs because ArcFM is a custom class extension that ArcGIS Server is unable to read. Class extensions are java extension classes developed using ArcObjects application programming interfaces (APIs) and deployed to ArcGIS to customize geodatabase behavior. The appropriate class extensions must be available to the server for layers using class extensions to work. If these class extensions are not accessible by ArcGIS Server, the customized behavior is not available from the GIS service.

Solution or Workaround

Download and install the Object Reader 10.2.1b released by ArcFM to allow ArcGIS Server and ArcMap read-only access to publish ArcFM data as a map service.

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