Problem: Severe server log message with only "AvailableFonts" as the description, associated with the PublishingTools service


Attempts to publish services failed with an error, "Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed", and the server log recorded the following issue, SEVERE: "AvailableFonts". The message is associated along with the System/PublishingTools.GPServer message. The following image is the sample of the log message.

The image of the SEVERE log message.


The issue indicates the AvailableFonts HTML and XML files that PublishingTools method is attempting to reference are missing from the PublishingTools folder in the working ArcGIS Server machine.

To check if the files are missing, navigate to the following folder in the machine with ArcGIS Server installed:

The folder contains around 30 HTML and XML files, including two AvailableFonts files.

Solution or Workaround

To fix the issue, the AvailableFonts HTML and XML files must be replaced in the ArcGIS Server folder. The folder that contains the files can be copied from another machine with working ArcGIS Server. After the folder is copied, restart the ArcGIS Server Services. To do this, refer to the following web help document, ArcGIS Server: Start and stop services.

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