Error: The base table definition string "[STRING]" is invalid

Error Message

A service is successfully published from ArcMap to ArcGIS Server without error, but no layer is visible in the service in ArcGIS Server REST endpoint. Restarting the service in ArcGIS Manager returns the following error:

The base table definition string "[string_name]" is invalid.


This issue is caused by insufficient read/write permission for the following ArcGIS server folders:

  • C:\arcgisserver
    • C:\arcgisserver\arcgiscache
    • C:\arcgisserver\arcgisjobs
    • C:\arcgisserver\arcgisoutput
    • C:\arcgisserver\arcgissystem
    • C:\arcgisserver\config-store
    • C:\arcgisserver\directories
    • C:\arcgisserver\local
    • C:\arcgisserver\logs

A machine can have multiple users, including the administrator. Some users may not be assigned the full permission for the folders.

Solution or Workaround

To solve this issue, the full read/write permissions must be granted to the users on the desired machine. To check which ArcGIS Server machine user requires the permission, use the following steps provided:

  1. Use Windows search, and search services.
  2. Locate ArcGIS Server under the Name section.
  3. Check the Log On As section to identify the user name.
The image of services.msc.
  1. Grant the full permissions on the specified folders. Refer to the following Microsoft web help document, Microsoft: Set or change permissions for a public folder.

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