Problem: Unable to access survey with survey123.arcgis.com/webclient/ URL


When accessing a shared survey via a URL with the following syntax, the survey is not accessible.

https://survey123.arcgis.com/webclient/<item ID>

The survey does not exist or is not accessible.


The sharing URL format was updated at version 2.3 of Survey 123 for ArcGIS.

Solution or Workaround

Use one of the following solutions matching your workflow to update the URL syntax to the shared survey.

  • Surveys stored in ArcGIS Online
    To obtain the correct URL for a shared survey shared on survey123.arcgis.com, navigate to the Collaborate tab of the survey on the Survey123 for ArcGIS website. The survey link is at the bottom of the Submitter page. For more information, refer to: Link to your survey.
    The Collaborate tab can only be accessed by the owner of the survey.
  • Surveys stored in Portal for ArcGIS
    Use Survey 123 Connect for ArcGIS to update sharing permissions and for obtaining the sharing URL to the survey form.

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