Problem: Choice values in a survey created in survey123.arcgis.com do not display correctly when exported as a CSV, Excel file, or shapefile


If a Dropdown question with multiple choices is created in survey123.arcgis.com and the survey is exported as a CSV, Microsoft Excel file, or shapefile, the values of the choices do not display correctly when viewed in Microsoft Excel.

In the example below, the Town Location field displays the names of the cities in the graphic on the left, but the values in Excel display as 'choice0', 'choice1', and so forth.

Screenshot of the choices viewed in survey123.arcgis.com.Screenshot of the choices viewed in Excel.


This is a known limitation. The exported choice values display the underlying values instead of the named value for each choice. Therefore, if the choices in the example above are named based on town location, such as 'Walkerton', 'Clifford', 'Elmwood' and 'Southampton', the exported choices are displayed as 'choice0', 'choice1', 'choice2', 'choice3', and 'choice4'.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this issue, use one of the following workarounds, depending on the file type needed.

  • Export the survey from ArcMap
    1. Export the survey as a file geodatabase from survey123.arcgis.com.
    2. Open ArcMap and add a folder connection to the file geodatabase.
    3. Use the Table to Excel tool to convert the survey to an Excel file as described in How To: Export an attribute table to Microsoft Excel.
  • Export the survey as a shapefile
    1. Export the survey as a shapefile from survey123.arcgis.com.
    2. Open the shapefile in ArcMap.
    3. Replace the choice values using the Field Calculator as described in How To: Replace the text in multiple fields within an attribute table using the Field Calculator tool.
  • Create the survey with Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS

    Create the survey using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS and publish the survey. When the survey is exported from survey123.arcgis.com, the choices retain the intended values instead of showing the underlying values.
  • Modify the schema before publishing the survey
    1. Create the survey in survey123.arcgis.com, and click the Publish button on the bottom-right. 
    2. In the Publish Survey panel, click Modify schema.

      Click the Modify schema option. Do not publish!
    3. Edit the name of the choices in the Name column to the desired name in the CSV, Excel file, or shapefile.
    4. Click Publish.
      The schema of existing fields cannot be modified once they are published.

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